App Updates Still Don’t Work Right

Dropbox’s solution worked.  Basically, that’s something that you should always just do…   When you have a problem with an app…  Just un-install it, then reinstall it…. Before you try anything else.  Apparently, updates on computer software still don’t work as well as a fresh install.

Why Can’t People Use Twitter for Photos?

Why can’t people use twitter for pictures?
I just don’t get Instagram.
I must be getting old.  I remember a few years ago when my older brother was trying to tell me that he doesn’t need any chat apps… “because email can already do everything that chat apps can do”.
I had to try to convince him of all the reasons why chats app do those same things *better* ( and they do many more things too ).

But I don’t get how *removing* text from twitter… and making it *only* photos… improves anything.

Maybe the instagram app is more elegant and easy to use or something?   ( twitter apps do such balls )

Why Instagram Makes me so Sad

Am I the only one who finds Instagram weird? It’s simply a Twitter clone without words. Only photos. Boring. Why is it so popular in Asia?

Twitter has photos and videos.  It’s not that they are photos.   It’s that that’s *all* it is.   It’s nothing else.

What gets communicated through a photo?  “Here I am. Isn’t my life cool. Don’t you wish you were me.”     No words.  No thoughts.  Nothing.   Just someone’s photo album.  No context.

In Asia, Instagram is extremely popular.   But most users post *only* selfies.     100% photos of themselves.   Nothing else.   It’s the craziest phenomenon I’ve *ever* seen.    Who the hell wants to see 42,353 selfie photos of only *you* !?      wtf

Soooooo boring.

By bf is absolutely addicted to Instagram and Facebook.   But Instagram more.  From what I can gather, people follow someone’s life ( or carefully staged artificial life ) there.   And they follow it… like a soap opera.   Where will they go next?  What fashionable or exotic place, car, clothing, phones, watches, etc… will they be seen in next?

But they really get into it.   They know who’s who.   There’s a serious status to it.   They get a sort of Instagram fame buzz from it.   People recognize him in public sometimes from his Instagram.  He has several 10s of thousands of followers.

But I can’t imagine anything more artifical and boring.   To me, it’s sad really.

I’m not sure to what extent users in the USA use it this way too…. or not.

But I’d bet it’s similar…. even if not to the same extreme extent.   USA users are probably more discerning and less naive about believing everything they see… like faked staged posed scenes propping up status symbols.

White Men better Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Wow!!  There are a TON of man-hating women out there.

A whole flock of them attacked me on twitter just now…  Because I stood up for the right of the surrogate woman to seek out a job as a surrogate…. and for the rights of the biological mother (the egg donor),…. and for the rights of the biological father.

So MANY women hate white men.   I had no idea.   Like a hornets nest….

They hate white men so much that they don’t care what they say, what they do, what their story or background or beliefs are….  If you happen to be WHITE and a MAN…..  Look out!   You are hated !

Sadly, and ironically, it is the ultimate in both racism and sexism.  But they somehow feel it justified racism and sexism….

As I told one, “If you were to chat directly with me, we’d probably agree on everything. ( If I weren’t a man. )”

And, ” You want me to APOLOGIZE for being born white and male ????? ”