Thank God for Gavin

Gavin Andresen cares very deeply about Bitcoin. He’s just trying to warn us all that it will become unreliable if this problem continues to be ignored year after year. He’s done everything he can to get us to pay attention. And now, finally, I think he has succeeded in bringing the issue to the forefront of public discourse.

We should all be extremely grateful that we have him…. And for the work he has done and continues to do.

Obviously, his is a thankless job.

Nothing Better to Waste Your Money On?

Dispatches: US Raid on Rentboy is a Raid on Rights | Human Rights Watch

” Surely the Department of Homeland Security has more pressing concerns than to fritter away precious time and resources on something that shouldn’t even be criminalized in the first place. ”

Nothing better to waste your taxpayer money on?

My comments on each of the major proposed solutions to the #bitcoin block size limit issue.

My comments on each of the major proposed solutions to the bitcoin block size limit issue.

This news item is good summary of the most talked about proposals.  ( see

•  Solution 1 is the best solution.

•  Solution 2 simply kicks the can down the road.

•  Solution 3 involves being a fortune teller.  But nobody can predict accurately enough.

•  Solution 4 makes sense.  Especially to readjust the block-size limit on the basis of the size of recent blocks over the past month…. or over the past week.

•  Solution 5 could work, but only if the miners vote — only. Because a vote of users or shareholders would have no authoritative power anyway. Miners have ultimate veto power. May as well let them vote and be done with it. Imagine users ( who are uneducated ) vote one way, and miners disagree. Miners simply will not use that software. Big mess.

•  Solution 6 sounds insane, ridiculous, scary, dangerous, and unnecessary.

What do you think?

Let me know at

Censorship or Civility?

Acting as moderator of various types of public forums, I’ve had to remove a few people once in a while.  I often receive criticism from some who seem to think that the concept of “free speech” means anyone has the right to say absolutely anything harmful or hurtful to anyone else.    I couldn’t disagree more.

Some “very smart” people have sadly, apparently, grown up in a world, or in a way, that has led them to believe that it’s somehow ok to be rude, impolite, condescending, or as in some cases…. outright attacking, mocking, ridiculing, bullying, trolling, etc.   The culture of the internet has helped create a virtual world where people think that it’s ok for adults to speak with each other the way they trash talk on youtube comments, and 4chan, and reddit.   But I was not raised that way.   I have a different value system about civil adults respecting each other.   Some might think it’s censorship.   But, for me at least, life is too short for me to read or hear such disrespectful stuff.   So it’s not censorship, it’s being a curator of the types of conversations and people one surrounds himself with…. at least to a very minimal standard of human decency and respect.  That’s all.

I suppose I wouldn’t do very well in the British Parliament.   ;-)

The Best Privacy Apps You Should (Always) Be Using

“Just say no to the NSA.”

I am making a list of the best / most important free privacy tools available today.   Can you guys give me ideas of any best apps and services that I should include on my list?     Here’s what I have so far….

Bypass DNS Censorship

Bypass Web Site Censorship

  • These tools are designed to provide you with open uncensored access to online content.  They do encrypt your connection between you and the gateway, and they mask your IP address, but they don’t use onion routing for anonymity.  Censoring governments might be able to detect that you are using a censorship obfuscation tool.
  • Lantern – encrypts your connection and masks your ip address –
  • Psiphon – for android and windows, encrypts your connection, masks your ip address –
  • VPNGate – free open source vpn client –

Anonymous Browsing and Darknet Access

  • Tor – encrypts your connection, masks your ip address, allows access to .onion darknet web sites –
  • I2P – encrypts your connection, masks your ip address, and allows access only to its own darknet sites hosted decentralized and encrypted on users own computers –
  • Tor has .onion domains AND allows clearnet browsing.  Onion domains are usually hosted on a server somewhere. I2P is completely darknet, and all browsing is on I2P addresses. By running I2P you also agree to host portions of I2P on your computer (highly encypted), so it’s very much peer to peer. There is no server.

Searching without Google Tracking You

End-to-end Ecrypted Email

End-to-end Encrypted Chat

End-to-end Encrypted Voice Telephone Calls

Anonymous Money

Have suggestions for additions, or corrections, to this list?    Let me know.


Uber and Bitcoin are both Alive and Well Everywhere

Bitcoin and Uber have this in common…..

” Have you heard?  In the US, especially in NYC, Uber has been banned.  They’ve stopped operating here. ”

” People are telling me Bitcoin is illegal. ”

The media spreads lies about them…. by spewing loads and loads of misinformation.    Please don’t repeat misinformation.

( Yes, both Uber and Bitcoin are alive and well everywhere. 😊 )

Airport Security in Phillipines Lacks Common Sense

Wow.  Airport security in the Philippines is insane.   At every airport, you go through security, then you can go to the ticket counter, then you must go through another security *again*…  As if the first security was for nothing?

Also, they confiscated my nail file ( which I use to open my phone back cover to change the battery ).

No airport security bans nail files any more.   It’s explicitly allowed by TSA, for example.   ( ).   I’ve been flying all over the entire world with that nail file inside my battery bag in my pocket.   Never has any airport security had an issue with in.

After I showed her the TSA page showing nail files are permitted.  She showed me the regulations book that came from headquarters in Manila.   Insane.  It explicitly listed nail files.  omg

It’s all theater anyway…… at our expense.

Like someone is really going to hijack a plane using a 4 inch nail file.   They really would be better off using a boiling hot Cup of Noodles and a couple plastic sporks.  A nail file is really a weapon of mass destruction…. well, mass cuticle destruction maybe…

I sure hope they’re also banning plastic forks, ballpoint pens, and sharp paper edges that could be used to inflict serious paper cuts, and hot coffee and hot water, and acidic juices.   All can obviously be very dangerous. 

It’s funny how often you can’t pass this… but then after security there are restaurants with metal knives.

It’s all a joke.

The “first security” apparently missed it, by the way.  And the “second security” confiscated it.

They told me I’d have to check it.   I said I don’t have any checked bags.   But I told them to check only this nail file.

They refused.