Women who Pay Men for Sex

We Pay Gigolos for Sex  [The Sun, UK]  full article

That article is sooooooooo untrue.

The only true part is… ” The number of gigolos seeking female clients has rocketed from 5,246 in 2010 to 15,732 now. ”

*EVERY* straight man on the planet Earth is “seeking female clients” who would pay them for sex. But the real truth is…..

Female paying clients who are seeking sex with men are more rare than finding a real diamond in the sand next time you go to the beach.

Things to keep on looking for…..

  • The Easter Bunny
  • Santa Claus
  • Diamonds in the sand on the beach
  • Women who pay men for sex

It’s happens about as often as guessing a bitcoin private key.



Haters Piling On and Hating on One Guy are Viral Scumbags

Dentist who killed Zimbabwean lion returns to work

Instead of attacking him…. why don’t activists attack Zimbabwe…. for keeping big game hunting legal there….?   Oh, yeah….  By the way….     It is LEGAL there.

He is just one guy….  one legally licensed hunter… on safari with tons of other people… among thousands who go there and do exactly that every year….  legally….  following all the rules….

People are so ridiculous.  They act as though ALL big game hunting that has ever happened, was committed by this one guy….   Geez.    I feel bad for this guy.  People can be so stupid…  Haters just “me too” piling on…  It’s easy to follow like a sheep… and to gang up on one guy…    So filled with hate…. and they, for some sick reason, try to convert their “love for this lion”….. into HATE for this one guy…..  as if everything wrong with the world is his fault.

Are they so afraid to ask Zimbabwe why big game hunting is still legal?   They all just conveniently ignore that…… inconvenient fact.

Why are people so hateful….?

Why many don’t get The Secret

I’m often sad to see that many completely misunderstand the meaning of “The Secret”.   Many people misunderstand what it is teaching or promoting.

It’s not confirmation bias.   And it’s not promoting “delusionally positive thinking”.   It certainly does not advocate daydreaming and taking no action.   It’s not about just wishing for what you want.   There’s a lot more to it than that.  You must first *know* that you are worthy of having all that you want.   You must know that what you want is in alignment with good…. and that it is for the higher good of all that is.

It’s simply real magic.   But if you can’t open your mind to that concept…..   then, yes.    You’re absolutely correct.   It will never work….. for *you*.

I’ve been using it for many years now, and I guarantee that it absolutely works 100% of the time.    And it’s real…. not delusional.

Of course, if you think romance is simply an intoxicating drug like alcohol….. and that love is not real….  then you can never experience magic in your life.

Love is real.   Magic is real.   …..but it only exists if you truly *believe*.

This is probably why practitioners of the new religion of “science” ( often called scientism ) are so very sad.  They are unable to believe in *anything* that hasn’t had a recent study published in a religious magazine called a “scientific journal”.    For them, nothing else exists.  Nothing else is real.    Their perspective of reality is severely self-censored and limited….. like a horse wearing blinders.

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” – Walt Disney

“In a sport like this—hard work, not much glory, but still popular in every century—well, there must be some beauty which ordinary men can’t see, but extraordinary men do.” – George Yeoman Pocock

All the best,

Why Men Lie and Cheat

Women should stop looking for a man who will be honest…..  and start looking at Why and How they are encouraging their men to lie….. by their own stubborn arrogant self-righteous judgemental attitudes of not accepting men as the dogs they are…. and not accepting men as the beings they naturally are.    Monogamy is extremely *not* natural.

If you allowed them to tell you who they really are….. and what they really want…. without judging them and acting all superior to them…. they would have no *reason* to lie.   And “cheating” wouldn’t be cheating….. if they could tell you honestly without your judging them and leaving them.

If your husband tells you that he wants to have sex with other women at any time… Will you accept that and agree?

If your answer is no…..   Then he will be lying to you….. you can be sure of that.

Because it is the nature of male human beings.

All men keep this a secret because otherwise they would be alone. Women don’t want to accept this fact.

That’s why they end up hurt….. again and again and again and again…. Throughout their lives.

Maybe it doesn’t sounds reasonable to you.   But it is 100% nature.

We are animals….. Smart animals.    But we are still animals.   We have basic needs.    We need air.   We need water.  We need sleep.  We need food.  ….and males need sex with a variety of partners…. as much as women need to breath air.

The @Uber App Needs Work

The app should show a stopwatch so I can visibly *see* how many minutes it’s been since I requested a car. I don’t remember the exact minute I requested it. If the driver seems to be going in ridiculous circles or in the wrong direction, I’d prefer to cancel and get a different driver. But if it’s been 5 minutes, I’ll be penalized for canceling.  If anything, it’s the driver who is driving in ridiculous circles or driving the complete wrong way for 15 minutes…. that we *should* be able to cancel without penalty.  We need a visible (accurate) counting timer on the main screen.  The original estimated time of arrival should also be displayed.    It should turn red when it’s been 5 minutes.  It should turn green again after its been more than 5 minutes longer than the original estimate ( when it’s free to cancel again ).

I also notice that your app now hides the driver’s rating under another layer. It used to show it right on the top screen. That’s bad. It needs to be visible at the moment he confirms the request… so I have the option of cancelling quickly if his rating is very low.

Thank God for Gavin

Gavin Andresen cares very deeply about Bitcoin. He’s just trying to warn us all that it will become unreliable if this problem continues to be ignored year after year. He’s done everything he can to get us to pay attention. And now, finally, I think he has succeeded in bringing the issue to the forefront of public discourse.

We should all be extremely grateful that we have him…. And for the work he has done and continues to do.

Obviously, his is a thankless job.