Why Men Lie and Cheat

Women should stop looking for a man who will be honest…..  and start looking at Why and How they are encouraging their men to lie….. by their own stubborn arrogant self-righteous judgemental attitudes of not accepting men as the dogs they are…. and not accepting men as the beings they naturally are.    Monogamy is extremely *not* natural.

If you allowed them to tell you who they really are….. and what they really want…. without judging them and acting all superior to them…. they would have no *reason* to lie.   And “cheating” wouldn’t be cheating….. if they could tell you honestly without your judging them and leaving them.

If your husband tells you that he wants to have sex with other women at any time… Will you accept that and agree?

If your answer is no…..   Then he will be lying to you….. you can be sure of that.

Because it is the nature of male human beings.

All men keep this a secret because otherwise they would be alone. Women don’t want to accept this fact.

That’s why they end up hurt….. again and again and again and again…. Throughout their lives.

Maybe it doesn’t sounds reasonable to you.   But it is 100% nature.

We are animals….. Smart animals.    But we are still animals.   We have basic needs.    We need air.   We need water.  We need sleep.  We need food.  ….and males need sex with a variety of partners…. as much as women need to breath air.


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