Dear Singapore Airport

Your free Internet is a joke. Nobody traveling to Singapore has ROAMING here. Why would you require an sms verification? That’s so ancient. Just give people freaking free Internet…

If a device uses it every day or abuses it, block that device. What are you so worried about? This is 2015 already.

By the way, the self service kiosks are completely useless as they are located  out of reach inside a restricted area of the gate which nobody can access until immediately before boarding.   Useless.

And why on Earth would you require my passport number and expiration date and Birthdate!?!?   Such sensitive private information just for a few minutes of Internet access!?!?   I’m not buying some real estate…. It’s only free wifi…..   Geez!

Meanwhile, neither of us can use your free Internet here.

PS – Why does Singapore have no trash cans!?   What’s up with that?   None in the airport.   None on the city streets.   It’s crazy.

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