Haters Piling On and Hating on One Guy are Viral Scumbags

Dentist who killed Zimbabwean lion returns to work

Instead of attacking him…. why don’t activists attack Zimbabwe…. for keeping big game hunting legal there….?   Oh, yeah….  By the way….     It is LEGAL there.

He is just one guy….  one legally licensed hunter… on safari with tons of other people… among thousands who go there and do exactly that every year….  legally….  following all the rules….

People are so ridiculous.  They act as though ALL big game hunting that has ever happened, was committed by this one guy….   Geez.    I feel bad for this guy.  People can be so stupid…  Haters just “me too” piling on…  It’s easy to follow like a sheep… and to gang up on one guy…    So filled with hate…. and they, for some sick reason, try to convert their “love for this lion”….. into HATE for this one guy…..  as if everything wrong with the world is his fault.

Are they so afraid to ask Zimbabwe why big game hunting is still legal?   They all just conveniently ignore that…… inconvenient fact.

Why are people so hateful….?


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