One of the Most Important Causes of 2016

Everything in your life should be end-to-end encrypted.  It’s so easy today, there’s no excuse not to.  Big Brother governments, NSA, and global corporations, all with no morals, are spying on your every phone call and communication.  If you still don’t understand why privacy is so crucial for you, read this:

I choose to reject spying, and demand privacy, as much as possible in my life.  I recommend these free tools as necessary in today’s world:

Email:  Tutanota  ( sign up at )
Chat:  Telegram  ( install and use Secret Chat )
Phone Calls and SMS:  Signal  ( install )

Computer:  Lantern  ( install set to “Proxy All Traffic” )

Phone:  Psiphon  ( install )

Web Browsing:  Tor Browser  ( install )
Money:  Bitcoin  ( install Airbitz Wallet )

If you want to communicate with me, please use the above tools…. for all of our sake.  Thank you.

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