Why many don’t get The Secret

I’m often sad to see that many completely misunderstand the meaning of “The Secret”.   Many people misunderstand what it is teaching or promoting.

It’s not confirmation bias.   And it’s not promoting “delusionally positive thinking”.   It certainly does not advocate daydreaming and taking no action.   It’s not about just wishing for what you want.   There’s a lot more to it than that.  You must first *know* that you are worthy of having all that you want.   You must know that what you want is in alignment with good…. and that it is for the higher good of all that is.

It’s simply real magic.   But if you can’t open your mind to that concept…..   then, yes.    You’re absolutely correct.   It will never work….. for *you*.

I’ve been using it for many years now, and I guarantee that it absolutely works 100% of the time.    And it’s real…. not delusional.

Of course, if you think romance is simply an intoxicating drug like alcohol….. and that love is not real….  then you can never experience magic in your life.

Love is real.   Magic is real.   …..but it only exists if you truly *believe*.

This is probably why practitioners of the new religion of “science” ( often called scientism ) are so very sad.  They are unable to believe in *anything* that hasn’t had a recent study published in a religious magazine called a “scientific journal”.    For them, nothing else exists.  Nothing else is real.    Their perspective of reality is severely self-censored and limited….. like a horse wearing blinders.

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” – Walt Disney

“In a sport like this—hard work, not much glory, but still popular in every century—well, there must be some beauty which ordinary men can’t see, but extraordinary men do.” – George Yeoman Pocock

All the best,

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