The @Uber App Needs Work

The app should show a stopwatch so I can visibly *see* how many minutes it’s been since I requested a car. I don’t remember the exact minute I requested it. If the driver seems to be going in ridiculous circles or in the wrong direction, I’d prefer to cancel and get a different driver. But if it’s been 5 minutes, I’ll be penalized for canceling.  If anything, it’s the driver who is driving in ridiculous circles or driving the complete wrong way for 15 minutes…. that we *should* be able to cancel without penalty.  We need a visible (accurate) counting timer on the main screen.  The original estimated time of arrival should also be displayed.    It should turn red when it’s been 5 minutes.  It should turn green again after its been more than 5 minutes longer than the original estimate ( when it’s free to cancel again ).

I also notice that your app now hides the driver’s rating under another layer. It used to show it right on the top screen. That’s bad. It needs to be visible at the moment he confirms the request… so I have the option of cancelling quickly if his rating is very low.

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