The Crimes of the Evil Cult of Scientology, Diabetics, Narcanon, Applied Scholastics, Criminon, etc…

A friend was just asking me, "What's that web site again? …the one that tells the truth about Scientology?"

You see, her sister, a struggling actress in Hollywood, was recruited into, and thoroughly brainwashed by, the evil cult called, Scientology.

Scientology is pure evil.  Not at the lowest levels.  People at the lowest levels are innocent victims.  They are recruited and brainwashed like an enormous ponzi scheme.  At the higher levels, it's run absolutely like the Mafia.

That web site is:

All anyone has to do is Google the word Scientology. Every web site that ISN'T exposing their evil, is a FRONT organization owned by Scientology.  ( They have literally hundreds of front organizations used to either hide what they're doing, or to to try to paint themselves in a more positive light. See )

Even Wikipedia has a little info about the crimes, murders, and evil of the Cult of Scientology.   See

They used to be an organization to aid families who were victims of cults.  It was called, The Cult Awareness Network.  The CAN always reported the truth… The named Scientology as "the world's most dangerous cult."

Scientology attacked the CAN with lawsuits after lawsuits… for years… until the tiny under-funded non-profit went bankrupt.

Then, Scientology then BOUGHT the NAME and the TELEPHONE NUMBER of the Cult Awareness Network.

To this day, if you call the CAN, you will be speaking to a Scientologist who will try to trick you into joining the cult.

Scientology owns slave labor camps all over the world — even within the USA — for "members" who refuse orders.  Scientology, and top executives of Scientology, have been convicted of, or criminally accused of, almost every crime you can think of — including murder — in almost every country you can think of.

Google and read.

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