My Reply to Mark Shuttleworth re Ubuntu One Music Store

Mark Shuttleworth is one of the VERY few people in life I consider a hero of mine.

Today, sadly, I am disappointed.


Following is my response to Mark:

Please include a one-button UN-install of the Music Store.

If you don't, we will.

We will never be distributing, nor installing, any copies of Ubuntu containing a proprietary "Music Store"… or any other kind of store.  

Make the music store a web site. Make the browser start page take you there….    But building in proprietary Stores, ala Apple, is just distasteful at least, and sickening at wortst.

If we wanted that sort of proprietary corporate profit adware on OUR computers, we'd still be running Microsoft or Apple.

We love Freedom.  We love Ubuntu because it works.  But we'll be the first to uninstall any proprietary CRAP that gets included, the first to bitch about it LOUDLY, and to drop Ubuntu entirely if it gets to be too much of a chore to uninstall and delete all such CRAP.

Feeling Betrayed a Bit?

We are.

Ubuntu is NOT owned by Canonical, nor by Mark.    It is a product of the PEOPLE.

How dare ANYONE try to commercialize it!?

How dare anyone ruin it in this way

Posted via email from Bruce’s Journal

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