The Best Privacy Apps You Should (Always) Be Using

“Just say no to the NSA.”

I am making a list of the best / most important free privacy tools available today.   Can you guys give me ideas of any best apps and services that I should include on my list?     Here’s what I have so far….

Bypass DNS Censorship

Bypass Web Site Censorship

  • These tools are designed to provide you with open uncensored access to online content.  They do encrypt your connection between you and the gateway, and they mask your IP address, but they don’t use onion routing for anonymity.  Censoring governments might be able to detect that you are using a censorship obfuscation tool.
  • Lantern – encrypts your connection and masks your ip address –
  • Psiphon – for android and windows, encrypts your connection, masks your ip address –
  • VPNGate – free open source vpn client –

Anonymous Browsing and Darknet Access

  • Tor – encrypts your connection, masks your ip address, allows access to .onion darknet web sites –
  • I2P – encrypts your connection, masks your ip address, and allows access only to its own darknet sites hosted decentralized and encrypted on users own computers –
  • Tor has .onion domains AND allows clearnet browsing.  Onion domains are usually hosted on a server somewhere. I2P is completely darknet, and all browsing is on I2P addresses. By running I2P you also agree to host portions of I2P on your computer (highly encypted), so it’s very much peer to peer. There is no server.

Searching without Google Tracking You

End-to-end Ecrypted Email

End-to-end Encrypted Chat

End-to-end Encrypted Voice Telephone Calls

Anonymous Money

Have suggestions for additions, or corrections, to this list?    Let me know.


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