Censorship or Civility?

Acting as moderator of various types of public forums, I’ve had to remove a few people once in a while.  I often receive criticism from some who seem to think that the concept of “free speech” means anyone has the right to say absolutely anything harmful or hurtful to anyone else.    I couldn’t disagree more.

Some “very smart” people have sadly, apparently, grown up in a world, or in a way, that has led them to believe that it’s somehow ok to be rude, impolite, condescending, or as in some cases…. outright attacking, mocking, ridiculing, bullying, trolling, etc.   The culture of the internet has helped create a virtual world where people think that it’s ok for adults to speak with each other the way they trash talk on youtube comments, and 4chan, and reddit.   But I was not raised that way.   I have a different value system about civil adults respecting each other.   Some might think it’s censorship.   But, for me at least, life is too short for me to read or hear such disrespectful stuff.   So it’s not censorship, it’s being a curator of the types of conversations and people one surrounds himself with…. at least to a very minimal standard of human decency and respect.  That’s all.

I suppose I wouldn’t do very well in the British Parliament.   😉


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