Airport Security in Phillipines Lacks Common Sense

Wow.  Airport security in the Philippines is insane.   At every airport, you go through security, then you can go to the ticket counter, then you must go through another security *again*…  As if the first security was for nothing?

Also, they confiscated my nail file ( which I use to open my phone back cover to change the battery ).

No airport security bans nail files any more.   It’s explicitly allowed by TSA, for example.   ( ).   I’ve been flying all over the entire world with that nail file inside my battery bag in my pocket.   Never has any airport security had an issue with in.

After I showed her the TSA page showing nail files are permitted.  She showed me the regulations book that came from headquarters in Manila.   Insane.  It explicitly listed nail files.  omg

It’s all theater anyway…… at our expense.

Like someone is really going to hijack a plane using a 4 inch nail file.   They really would be better off using a boiling hot Cup of Noodles and a couple plastic sporks.  A nail file is really a weapon of mass destruction…. well, mass cuticle destruction maybe…

I sure hope they’re also banning plastic forks, ballpoint pens, and sharp paper edges that could be used to inflict serious paper cuts, and hot coffee and hot water, and acidic juices.   All can obviously be very dangerous. 

It’s funny how often you can’t pass this… but then after security there are restaurants with metal knives.

It’s all a joke.

The “first security” apparently missed it, by the way.  And the “second security” confiscated it.

They told me I’d have to check it.   I said I don’t have any checked bags.   But I told them to check only this nail file.

They refused.

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