Tutanota, please create a Block Sender feature

Tutanota, please create a Block Sender feature…

How are we ever going to deal with the spam….. as soon as the spammers get ahold of your tutanota address? There’s no way tutanota is going to have nearly the same level of spam protection. And they don’t even have filtering! I think it will become useless as soon as spammers grab your address.

I think a super user friendly way to deal with spam, and any other unwanted senders, would be a BLOCK SENDER button. This would create a filter to auto-delete all emails from that sender. It could have an “Advanced” section for blocking by Subject line phrase… or by an entire domain name.

Since email is not a whitelist affair, this feature is absolutely essential to counter spammers…. and even barrage of unwanted “newsletter” crap.

Create a Block Sender feature… – Feedback


( Wanna Up-vote my suggestion?  Click that link. )


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