Magic that’s Real

You can have Everything you want in Life – Isn’t it worth a try?

It’s not really magic I’m talking about, but it may as well be… because it works just like magic.

What’s even better is:  For this type of magic to work…  You don’t have to believe.


The Super Powers of Affirmations is in Feeling as though they are True

Try to feel them, not just say them.

The good news is…  through repetition…  subconsciously, you will begin to feel them more… even if you’re not trying.

I created these 10 affirmations for myself.   But take them, use them, and now they’re yours too.

Say these 10 statements constantly…. all the time…. as often as possible.  Memorize them.  Say them every time you’re anxious or nervous or stressed.  Say them every time you’re alone. Say them every time you pee.

It doesn’t really matter if you believe them to be true, or not.  The more times you say them… over the coming days, weeks, months, and years….  like magic, they WILL BECOME true.

Don’t believe it?  Try it and prove me wrong.

Here they are…

— I have a charmed life.

— I have a billion dollars.

— Everyone’s in love with me.

— I have perfect health.

— I have the hottest body.

— I love my life.

— I love myself.

— I love everyone.

— I love giving.

— I love sharing.


Give it a try.

Whatta ya think?

Let me know in a comment below…


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