Ever heard of the new network marketing company called Isagenix? What about Quality?

I’m still trying to get one piece of crucial information from the company, but I’m having a terrible time trying to get answers to my questions…

It’s a very simple question….    Well, three questions, actually….

  1. Are all the ingredients Organic? ( see http://is.gd/f105n )
  2. If so, why do they NEVER mention the word “organic” ANYWHERE on their web sites, videos, marketing materials, product information, product labels, etc., etc., etc…?
  3. Does the product manufacturing totally support Sustainable Agriculture? ( see http://is.gd/f0ZIY )
The company has yet to answer me…


They seem to beat around the bush a lot.

Some people tell me that all the ingredients are organic… but only in private conversations, or via email….  It’s never in writing, in print, on any official web site or product literature….  not even on a company blog.

Something’s not right….   and I can’t seem to get a straight answer as to why…

Are we the only people asking this question…?
Do customers of Isagenix take these products, and their quality, seriously…?   Or are they just ok with being fed lines and lines of marketing hype?
From their blog web site about product nutrition, we were referred only to this page to answer our questions:  http://is.gd/f0YDZ
It’s great that they Test all of their ingredients…    But Where do these ingredients Come From?   And What, exactly, are they testing For?   They’re very Vague about it…   They talk about what  “respectable companies” … “should” do….
But they almost never explicitly tell you what THEY do.  ….except where they mention the industry standard and FDA compliance stuff.
So we are left to believe that they follow the same Rigid Nutritional Quality Standards as the product manufacturing of…..  Kraft…..  and Cheez-Its….?
It seems clear to me that they’re being intentionally evasive by their choice of words.
Why can’t they tell us where these ingredients are coming from?
What countries even?     What pesticides are allowed in those countries?     Countries which allow use of DDT, which is banned in the United States?
Are they farming the ingredients themselves?     Are they harvested from the wild?     Are they buying them wholesale?     And from where?
Are the ingredients Organic?    Farmed?    Wild?
And what about Sustainability?
If you’re going to create a business based on natural products….   Are you looking out for Mother Earth…  and the Farmer…?   Or, are you just buying ingedients wholesale from somewhere on the open market?
Sustainable Agriculture is just as important as product quality.  (see http://is.gd/f0ZIY )   It’s a whole ecosystem you have to provide for the product…..  in order to sustain its quality, continued availability, and to insure that it doesn’t contain any GMO (genetically modified organisms, see http://is.gd/f0Zcn ).
Isn’t it important to know all these answers….  If you’re going to put your OWN name on them….  to promote them to your friends, family, and loved ones….?
In today’s culture, it’s critical to provide answers to these questions.  Everyone, at least in our circles, wants to know the answers to these questions.
Otherwise, ya may as well believe what the FDA and Kraft Foods tells you about nutrition….

These are only the first few questions any educated consumer should have…
What about preservatives?    What preservatives are they using?

What about fillers?    What fillers are they using?

And the list goes on….

What about preservatives?    What preservatives are they using?What about fillers?    What fillers are they using?And the list goes on….

To the Food Manufacturers of the World:    We aren’t stupid.   Not anymore.      Consumers are educated.

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