And on the Seventh Day, God Made Ubuntu. All Was Well. 2 Awesome Companies Changed the Entire World this Week!

In one fell swoop…


The whole world has been changed.

FOSS (free open source software), I think is best described as: “A movement….. A movement of programmers and computer developers all over the world volunteering and donating their time to create and improve software…. and then giving that software away… for free…. as their personal gift to the world… as a gift to all humanity.”

One great example of FOSS is the computer operating system that you use more than any other. You use Web Sites (Linux), the internet (Linux), Google and all Google services (Linux), TiVo (Linux), Android phones (Linux), NASA’s Mars Lunar Rovers (Linux), and the list goes on and on and on….

Linux has been continually being improved for about 50 years now…. by volunteer programmers. That’s why it is the best in the world.

I know you’ve heard of a company called Google…

Another company…. called EditShare ….you might not have heard of before.

But… You’ve read the headlines this week… Haven’t you?

“Oscar and Emmy Award Winning Video Editor Comes to Ubuntu”   See (and to get it…. )

Some professionals claim it is THE BEST video editor in the entire world… OF ALL ON ANY PLATFORM. Better than Avid, Final Cut Pro, etc.

It’s called, Lightworks…. by EditShare.

The reason you’ve never heard of it is kinda like the Sony Betamax versus VHS wars.   They lost… but not for lack of technical superiority… simply marketing, financing, and other reasons.

This new contribution to the world of FOSS… is an enormous game-changer.

But… even it…. pales in comparison to the announcement this week by Google….

Google announced, at the “Google I/O Developers Conference” this week, that the new superior, patent un-encumbered, video format for the web, dubbed “WebM”….. (which, for you techies, is a new name for a container for VP8 video + Vorbis audio codecs, see )…

Google…. BOUGHT IT…. and then they immediately GAVE IT AWAY….. to YOU. Merry Christmas in May!

That’s right. They purchased it. Then they Open Sourced it. And now the entire world is free to use it. Royalty-free. Free Open Source.

And…. Google is currently in the process of CONVERTING ALL OF YOUTUBE into it this new format. NOW! ( see How to Play WebM Video on YouTube ) WOW!

Soon….. And When I say “Soon”, I mean, “Within a COUPLE OF MONTHS”…… The entire internet will have standardized on WebM — THE FOSS FORMAT FOR ALL AUDIO AND VIDEO.

This is HUGE! No longer will there be “MP3 Players”…. EVERYTHING will be WebM…. (for video)…. and Vorbis…… (for audio). Superior quality. And totally Free (as in Freedom). No royalties to pay some patent-holder.

What does all this mean to YOU…. the average end-user?

It means that 1,000,000 times more programmers and developers and creative content creators….. from all over the world…. will be competing fairly…. to bring you new cool awesome programs, software, apps, and content…. because they won’t have to pay huge fees to do it!

Isn’t the world of FOSS an awesome thing!

People working with, and helping, People. Nothing can beat it!

The World Has Been Changed This Week.

Mark My Words.

If you don’t get how big of a deal this is…. Just remember what I’ve told you…. And in the future, remember that “you heard it here first”…

Only Love,


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