Oscar winning Lightworks Open-Source Video editor –IS- Coming to Ubuntu Linux

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Pete_G (unregistered) wrote, in response to Calvin:

For those of you that have never used LW, if it is indeed ported to Linux, you are going to be very happy indeed. I've used it for almost 20 years and can confidently say that it's a fantastic application, especially for straight-forward cutting, where it is faster and more flexible than ANY NLE out there. Don't be put off by the apparent simplicity of the interface, everything you want is there. The GUI is unique and doesn't conform to any other paradigm, there is no menu bar, all menus are context sensitive. It has many unique features; a very powerful, flexible timeline for easy trimming, the ability to have multiple timelines and viewers on screen at any time, analogue audio scrubbing to die for, a fully databased backend allowing for easy FIND functions on large projects and it has always been designed to be used with a special controller that has a STEENBECK like paddle lever to control playing, backwards and forwards at many speeds coupled with user definable buttons for common  editing commands such as Mark,Insert,Overwrite,Delete etc. It has always been stable and backs up in the background, invisibly. Only in the VFX area is it weaker than the competition and possibly in it's abilty to deal well with newer file formats, although I suspect it will catch up on this soon. It is so simple to use that it is suitable for both amateur and professional use. It lost it's market to Avid in the same way as Betamax lost it's battle with VHS, not because it was an inferior product but because of many other reasons.

Believe me, get excited.

Link to comment: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/05/oscar-winning-lightworks-open-source.html#comment-51510269

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