Canonical’s Big Fail with the Premature Release of Ubuntu Linux 10.04

But what the heck happened!? Did Canonical fail bigtime due to a
forced 6-month release schedule rushing the product out the door?

Perhaps the thinking was/is that fixes can always be done afterward…
and continuously… HOWEVER, if the darn OS won’t BOOT… from the
LiveCD… You’ve got SERIOUS problems on your hands.

How can anyone recommend to their friends an OS which won’t even boot
(black screen of death) from the LiveCD…???

I think Canonical is going to have no choice but to do an interim
update of their LiveCD ISO image asap… BEFORE the next release in
October. We cannot have a LiveCD that won’t boot… for 6 months… No
way. Not acceptable. What happened to the quality control testing?
This is an enormous fail. If they don’t test ANYTHING else… They
need to test that the darn LiveCD boots correctly on every known PC /
video combination they can possibly come up with.

Everything else can be fixed with updates… But BOOTING is a total
deal-breaker. Nothing works if you can’t boot it, and install it, and
then boot the installation.

I’m running a business where I am recommending Ubuntu to everyone.
This is embarrassing, to say the least. I’m just going to have to tell
people that they’re going to have to have US install it for them. This
process is nothing that any ordinary user should EVER be forced to
even hear about… much less, attempt on their own.

Not to mention the fact that Canonical labeled this release an LTS
release… meaning “Long Term Support”. That means that it’s
supposed to be around for a very long time. But there’s no way it
can be… not in its current form.

I hope Canonical’s quality control team has learned a valuable lesson
from all of this.

And we, the users, might want to learn from this too. I’ve always
said, the safest place to be is…. six months BEHIND…

Posted via email from Bruce’s Journal


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