Why Can’t Android Developers Get Podcast Playback to Work Well?

I love my Android phone (handheld computer, really)….   And I love listening to my podcasts…. like Leo Laporte, FLOSS Weekly, etc.

However, I hate that my podcasts get interrupted almost every time!  Whether it's because Stitcher requires an uninterrupted signal for the entire duration…  Or because Google Listen is just buggy and crashes…. 

The ONLY reliable way I've found to listen to my podcasts is MANUALLY!  I have to go to the web site of the podcast and manually download the MP3 file (using my Android), and then use the simple Music player to listen to it.

This method works beautifully.  The Music player even remembers where I left off in listening to the podcast – even after a reboot!

The drawback is… It's not an app.  I have to do each download separately.

Come on developers.  This is 2010.  You can make apps like Google Listen, Stitcher, etc. work as reliably as the freaking Music player and manual mp3 downloading.  No!?!?

I'd love to see a button on each item, which could be touched On / Off.

On – would download and keep a local copy of the complete episode.
Off – would delete the local copy.

This way I could be assured that I could listen to those episodes uninterrupted on the subway or airplane.

The button should toggle on and off like the Star to Favorite. 

I just want my Podcasts to download automatically – in their entirety,  and play without crashing, and remember where I was through a reboot, and then delete the file when I tell it to.

And I wanna listen to my favorites WITH NO SERVICE.

Music works great. Why can't  podcasts?

Posted via email from Bruce’s Journal


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