What institution could be more ANTI the teachings of Jesus….?

In 2004, "the pope" asked for forgiveness….. for….

The ruthless murders… by burning innocent and good people alive at the stake, imprisonment of others for life, and torture of others to secure confessions… in Jesus' name.  …and the stealing of all their money, property, and material wealth… all ordained by The Holy Roman Catholic Church.   They called it The Holy Inquisition….

The Holy Roman Catholic Church declared the most murderous and ruthless of the Inquisitionors… to be Saints.

The Catholic Brothels run by priests and nuns in Ireland to provide prostiution services to all men in the country, for the monetary profit of The Catholic Church, by compulsory sex slavery of certain "orders" of "nuns"…

The slave labor and torture camps of The Magdeline Sisters, operating all the way up until the 1960s…

The condoned and abeded institutional pedophelia and sex abuse crimes still going on today.

And only God knows how many uncountable other evil acts we don't know about.

What institution could be more ANTI the teachings of Jesus….?

It's sad and pathetic.

What's truly blasphemy is to invoke the name of Jesus or God in defending the evil actions of the Catholic Royal Empire throughout history.

Posted via email from Bruce’s Journal

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