Spam You Didn’t Send

You probably have a virus on at least one of the computers you use.

Also, anyone whom the virus emailed…. ( everyone that was in your
email addressbook…. ) who then clicked on the link in the spam
email…. may also now have that same virus.

Here’s how to Fix it:

(1) Disinfect ALL of the computers you have used in the last six
months. All you need is the FREE version of the anti-virus program
you can get at:

(2) Then, immediately change ALL of your online passwords
(including your email, like AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and your
online banking, etc.) FROM A KNOWN VIRUS-FREE CLEAN computer.

Good luck.

Questions? I’m happy to help.

Bruce Wagner


PS – Bookmark the link to THIS web page… and then send the link to
this web page to anyone who gets afflicted with this problem in the

Posted via email from Bruce’s Journal

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