Why Ubuntu is far superior to Windows and Mac

( This is my item in response to Jason Perlow’s article for ZDNet
entitled, “Windows Malware: The final straw that broke the penguin’s
back”, see http://is.gd/bID1k )

I agree that Ubuntu is far superior to Windows and Mac.

However, Jason’s case is NOT “…just the reaction of one man to
malware” …as one commenter stated.

Millions of us have abandoned the crapware of Windows and Mac…. and
joined the bliss of Ubuntu. And more and more of us are doing so
every day.

Ubuntu is so much easier to use than any version of Windows of Mac has
ever been.

Ubuntu has far fewer hardware driver issues than any version of
Windows or Mac ever has… when used on the zillions of different
hardware platform combinations that exist out there.

We have been proudly Microsoft-free and Apple-free for several years
now. We have no need to even run Windows in a virtual machine.

The new 10.04 version of Ubuntu even does MORE than iTunes does for
iPod and iPhone users. Music can be easily copied TO and FROM the
iPod or iPhone with drag and drop ease — something iTunes software
still refuses to do. ) ( Of course, even though we all have
iPhones, we all use Android Linux phones now. )

We love Ubuntu so much that I even started a business installing
Ubuntu for the “people who can barely use a mouse” crowd. They
absolutely love it! I give them unlimited tech support too… but
they rarely ever need any help!

Bruce Wagner

Posted via email from Bruce’s Journal

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