How FOSS Development Groups Could Bring in Lots More Money in Donations

Please spread this idea to all the FOSS (free open source software)
developers you know.

There should be a free app for Ubuntu which uses the machine’s actual
usage statistics to calculate how much you use each application, and
each component of the underlying operating system… Then, matches
that usage time up with the Development Groups who maintain that
code… And offers a list of those groups… with a suggested fair
percentage for each…

In other words, if a user ( me for example ), wants to “tithe” —
financially contribute — to the developers and development teams who
have created this wonderful masterpiece we call Ubuntu Linux and all
its various FOSS applications… I would love a list… showing all
the software applications and components I use most, and their
associated development teams, with a percentage next to each one (
based on my actual usage ).

I would then simply decide….. If I want to budget, say, $20 per
month as a contribution, I could break up that donation to the list of
various development teams / organizations… based on my real world
usage pastern.

Obviously, Canonical/Ubuntu does not create all the applications that
I use. They are not Linux. They are not GNOME. They are not
Mozilla. etc., etc. etc. Many improvements actually come from
various other different distributions altogether — like Fedora or Red
Hat, for example.

Perhaps the same data that’s collected by that “System –>
Administration –> Software Sources –> Statistics” tab thingie…
could be used…?

The resulting list could give me a list of the components and
applications I use most, broken down by percentages each, list the
associated development team responsible for the maintenance of that
code, and even a link to each team’s donation web page.

Thoughts on this idea…?

Posted via email from Bruce’s Journal


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