Go ahead, Tyson, defend the indefensible. (My open letter to Tyson Foods)

To:  "Nicholson, Ed" <ed.nicholson@tyson.com>

( Director of PR for Tyson Foods )

Pretty much everything Tyson does.

Has your mom seen any of the documentary films yet?

It's no laughing matter.

How do you sleep at night?

You're job is to lie to the public about the evil activities of this corporate machine!?

Even your email footer "disclaimer" is very telling.   You think Tyson can "forbid" me from copying any email from you!?

Secrecy is where the evil hides.

"PR" is propaganda you're paid to spread.

Do you really think that I, and we, the public, are that stupid?

Is there ANYTHING….. Anything at all that Tyson does that is NOT pure evil….?

Maybe we should start there.

Defend actions that are indefensible. 
Go ahead.

Bruce Wagner


Note to readers:  Tyson, Monsanto, and all the other evil chemical companies harming humanity for the sake of greed and profits want to keep this dialog off-line.  Hidden.  Out of the public eye.  I encourage you to not let them.  Keep the conversation public.  Post about it on Facebook.  Post about it on Twitter.  Blog about it.  Email all your friends about it – and about documentaries like "Food Inc." AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE. 

Posted via email from Bruce’s Journal

1 thought on “Go ahead, Tyson, defend the indefensible. (My open letter to Tyson Foods)

  1. Dale B Adams

    Hi Bruce,

    I agree. Tyson Foods is a very corrupt company. I have a lawsuit against them in the U S District Court Western District of Arkansas Cause # 09-3054. They are extremely cruel and tortured me at work for several months because I filed an EEOC claim against them. They violate federal laws constantly including picking chicken up off the floor and throwing it in the food processing line without washing it. The EEOC sabotaged my EEOC claim against them and denied my valid claim. Then the U S Dept of Labor and OSHA avoided my communications for 6 months preventing me from filing violations of labor law against them. Even the Judge is ruling in favor of Tyson Foods when he sees the evidence of all of these law violations – and doesn’t pursue charges against them either. They are an evil company who has the State and federal government bought and paid for. They got a 150 million dollar contract with the federal government to sell biodiesel to the U S Air Force for jet fuel as well as sell chicken to the U S military and school children. Citizens have no civil or Constitutional rights anymore. The U S Government accepts and condones Tyson Foods blatantly violating federal laws and won’t do a thing to help me. The Judge even denied me mediation and my Father is dying of bone prostate cancer and needs money for treatment. So you are very correct when you define Tyson Foods as EVIL. I know because I experienced their organized malice deliberately harming me while the U S Government allowed it to happen and the FBI and U S Dept of Justice know about all of these law violations and don’t do a thing to investigate the matter which is frightening. It indicates their is no JUSTICE and we in fact live in TYRANNY. Tyson Foods is a very dangerous company to the integrity of our Nation and needs to be stopped. So I agree sound the alarm and let everybody know that Tyson Foods is a terrible company that mistreates employees daily and make press releases giving food away to make them look good to help cover up all of their illegal conduct. They fraudulently state they treat employees good on their website so they can trick investors into thinking they are a respectable company. Read the lawsuit Adams vs Tyson Foods, for all of the corporate and government corruption that I have proven and yet the U S District Judge does absolutely nothing to enforce the numerous law violations. Tyson Foods is destroying our great nation with their government corruption. We have no civil or Constitutional Rights…..


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