iPad Shortage? Gimme a Break! Apple is a Leach on the backs of Artists worldwide & Least Green tech company on Earth!

iPad shortage?

Gimme a Break.

It’s a Marketing Scam / Ploy.

Look: You’re going to manufacture and launch a new product.


(1) Make too many, and end up with them collecting dust in a
warehouse somewhere.


(2) Make too few, and end up creating an artificial “shortage”…
which is great for hype, prestige, and psychologically makes people
believe that its sales exceeded all forecasts…

Which would YOU choose?

The choice is obvious.

Apple makes like 30% of the profits on ALL CONTENT. Apple is just a
leach on the backs of all artists and content creators everywhere.

Apple is also the LEAST GREEN major technology company in the word.
When the battery on your iPod, or iPad, or iPhone dies…. You are
forced, by Apple, to throw the entire computer/phone/device in the
TRASH! ( because replacing the battery costs the same as a new
device! )

Posted via email from Bruce’s Journal


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