The One Simple Change Canonical Could Make to Increase Ubuntu Adoption 100 Fold

Since Ubuntu cannot legally play MP3, nor a host of other non-free formats / codecs,….. in the USA,…. what I WOULD love to see the Ubuntu Store sell is:  a COMPLETE multimedia license,  along with all the proprietary codecs, for use LEGALLY within the USA.  But it needs to cost $0.99 ……..or $3.99 at the very most.

This would help the widespread adoption of Ubuntu on the desktop in this country more than any other single decision / partnership Canonical could make.

The number one complaint from tech reporters and reviewers, time after time, is always the same:  media, flash, Java, DVD, MP3, etc…. "don't work"….. out of the box.

The purchase of the $0.99 multimedia license, and installation of all such codecs, is so important,  it SHOULD be included in the actual INSTALLATION process.

Imagine 100 times more Ubuntu  users from this one simple change.

And no more "gray areas", legally,  for users in Intellectual Property "Police States", like USA. 

Posted via email from Bruce’s Journal


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