Apple iPhone sues to try to survive Competition / the Death of Intellectual Property

Copying the rounded exterior design and touchscreen interface — neither are new — is not a matter of it being simpler to copy than to create.   It's a matter of the NATURE of form follows function.  It's like a sculptor slowly revealing what is innate — what FORM will work best for humans. 

IP ("intellectual property") Law has done more harm to humanity than any other greed-based law.  The IP philosophy results in new, better, more efficient, greater, technologies being WITHHELD from benefitting mankind…. in favor of benefitting only ONE entity instead. Whether through poor consumer design, unreasonable pricing, management incompetence, or simply intentionally buying a patent to SIT ON IT…. so as to eliminate competition and/or milking old inventions for all the profits they can get out of them…   while DEPRIVING MANKIND of all benefits.  

I thank God that IP is dying a fast death.

Ask any 60 year old where records (music) came from. 

Ask any 20 year old where music, movies, TV, audiobooks, eBooks come from.

Modern sophisticated desktop operating systems of the future, like Ubuntu, come with BitTorrent technology built-in.  ……for the benefit of ALL mankind.

Sounds drastic, I know.  But it's true.  IP will die.  And we will all be able celebrate its death.

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