OMG This is HUGE! “The One Button” for Ubuntu

This is HUGE…..

At this very moment, as I speak, I am in IM chat with an expert (who's identity I'll keep revealed for the moment)…. who is creating "The One Button" for Ubuntu Linux.

The One Button is a desktop icon that, when launched, tells you that it is about to install the following long list of media code and codecs. It asks you to "Agree" that you understand that the following code will be downloaded and installed, and that you understand that the code may be protected by copyright or patent or other legal restrictions. You state that you understand that it is your responsibility to verify the legality in your legal jurisdiction, and you have done so, and they are all legal for your intended use in your legal jurisdiction."

Then, if you click Agree, it installs EVERYTHING. 

When done, it tells you it was successful, and asks if you'd like to now delete the button from the desktop (since it only needs to be run once).

The reason this is HUGE is that media playback issues — due to legal trouble due to archaic so-called "intellectual property" laws — have been the bane of Ubuntu and every other FOSS (freedom-loving) operating system and software package.

Finally, the process of automated installation — allowing the legal responsibility to fall on the shoulders of the user — is real and easy!

Posted via email from Bruce’s Journal

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