“No business would use Linux. Unless they’re super techie to begin with and they’d already know how to use it.”

I was just chatting with an online acquaintance of mine.

He’s telling me about how he’s in the process of “shutting down” his
business… and wants some down time before getting into anything

I asked him what kind of business.

He tells me that it’s a business doing IT support services for small
businesses running Windows.

And he proceeds to tell me that he’s so sick of it… He wants
absolutely nothing to do with computers any more. He’s so fed up
with all the problems.

I asked him, “Why don’t you refer all your clients to me!? 🙂 ” (I
was referring to my business, http//bredtech.com )

His reply: “No business would use Linux. Unless they’re super techie
to begin with and they’d already know how to use it.”

Boy did he unknowingly hit my buttons….

My reply:


OMFG. I thought you knew something about modern Linux on the desktop.

I guess you don’t consider Google, Inc. to be a legitimate business.
(Google uses Linux corporate-wide almost exclusively. Also, ALL
Google services — such as Google Search, Gmail, Maps, Docs, Calendar,
Google Voice, etc., etc., etc… all ALL RUN ON LINUX.)

I guess that 90% of all web sites in the world…. doesn’t count as

I suppose the entire City Government of the City of San Francisco
isn’t an “enterprise”. (The City of San Francisco has mandated a
“FOSS First Policy” on all government computers — meaning Ubuntu
Linux. As an aside, San Francisco is very near Silicon Valley, for
those who don’t know.)

I suppose Rochester University isn’t an “enterprise”… (The
Rochester University has mandated only Ubuntu for all Faculty, Staff,
and Students. No Windows or Mac allowed.)


I suppose that several of the GOVERNMENTS of the European Union aren’t
as complex as the average American “small business”….??? (Several
of the countries in the European Union have MANDATED that ALL
government offices use Ubuntu only — no Windows, no Mac.)

Then…. since he is an avid Droid user, and loves his Droid
phone…. I had to add this:

Do you even know that the phone in your hand is a computer running
Linux…? How did you learn to use it…???


There is an enormous need for education in this country. Education
about the superiority of Linux for business use, for personal use, for
enterprise-wide use.

Those old lines about Linux being only for geeks….. are as obsolete
as saying, “Horseless Carriages!? No way! No one would use a
Horseless Carriage for serious transportation. They are only for
tinkering hobbyists who know how to build them themselves.”

(A “horseless carriage” is what they uses to call cars.)

Posted via email from Bruce’s Journal

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