Linux is a derivative of Unix. Really?

Mac OS X — still to this day — TODAY — is a significant
percentage of Unix code. You can still find some of the original
Unix (in the form of FreeBSD Unix) error messages contained within Mac
OS X to this day…. today. Now!

Linux, on the other hand, has always contained 0% of Unix code.

Unix was closed, proprietary, and solely owned by AT&T and thus NONE
of the Unix code could be used in developing Linux, or the Gnu
kernels. ( )

Remember, Linux (first called “The Gnu Project”, at that time) was
created way way back in 1983, way before Unix became open…. (in the
form of FreeBSD, etc.) ( )

Linux (i.e. The Gnu Project, and Linux…. and then later to be
called, “Gnu/Linux”) was created from scratch…

What Linux had in common with Unix was ONLY it’s functionality.

Similar to the way “WIndows version 1.0” emulated the “look and feel”
of the Mac’s mouse, menus, etc… Linux only copied the “look and
feel” of Unix.

Linux was, and always has been, and still contains 0% of Unix code.

Posted via email from Bruce’s Journal

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