My Take on Google Buzz

Google Buzz.

It will catch on.  There is no admission fee.  Everyone already has Gmail.

It also has cool features twitter does not have.

I can edit my tweet AFTER I post it.
Linked YouTube videos are embedded automatically. 

It's integrated into Google Maps as a "layer" anyone can turn on.

Those improvements, as minor as they seem, have been INSANELY slow to come from Twitter itself.

I think Twitter (the company) has lived in almost a paranoid superstitious fear of changing it… and thus ruining its popularity.

However, analysis paralysis is real.   Especially in technology.

Google is being super aggressive with regard to innovative new uses for technologies.

Those bar codes showing up in storefront and restaurant windows…   That's gonna be the next "Big Thing".

As a side note:

Imagine if the government started putting mandatory bar codes on every public storefront….  There would be Privacy Rights pickets and marches and riots.  But Google….?  "OH. Cool!"

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