Proposed Ban on Straight Marriage

It’s a sad day.

Perhaps if as many people had turned out to VOTE…. as are now
PROTESTING loudly…. we’d still have gay marriage in California.

( see )

But anyway…

I wonder what all will happen…

However, we do now have it in Connecticut and New Jersey. Right?

So this is just another reason for my gay brother and his husband (who
recently married in California), who live in Cleveland, to come visit
us in NYC. As I told them, “You can come visit us… and get married
here (again) while you’re at it.”

Wait. Does this mean they can’t get married AGAIN until they get
divorced? Or is the marriage (legally) already null and void…?

I totally “get” that… it’s the principal of the thing. It’s about

I do get that.


Personally, I would vote for a ban of ALL government-licensed personal


  • friendships,
  • dating,  and
  • marriage

You see…

We also could achieve equality if NO ONE could get married
“legally” (by a license from the government)…. Yet EVERYONE could
get married privately, personally, at home, or in their churches, with
families, etc.

The government should get its nose out of ALL of our bedrooms, and out
of ALL of our marriages.

I say…..

Ban Government Licensing Straight Marriages!

Ban the government from issuing licenses for ANY kind of
relationship. Period. Ban ALL marriages from being licensed by the
government, in fact.

You see, the second part of what I’d like to see — which is the most IMPORTANT part — WE ALREADY HAVE.

We (gays and straights) CAN ALREADY get married…  WITHOUT a license from the government.

We can get married in our church (many churches anyway).  We can get married at home.  We can get married at the Four Seasons Grand Ballroom.

I keep hearing children, around 8 – 16 years old, asking their moms, “I don’t get it. Why do gay people even have to ask anyone’s permission, and put it up to a vote?  It makes no sense.”

Children are the wisest of us all.

It’s so obvious, really.

The answer:  We Don’t!

Won’t someone PLEASE tell me WHY OH WHY do we want the government’s permission, to LICENSE our personal relationships….?


So we can then later qualify for a government licensed DIVORCE…?

I’m not seeing any advantage here.

We already have everything I would want.

Get the government OUT of the personal relationship-licensing business.

Many very intelligent straight people are already REJECTING government-licensed relationships (government-licensed marriage).  Oprah, for example, comes to mind.  It’s also the largest trend in Europe.  The vast majority of young straight couples are CHOOSING AGAINST government-licensed marriage, and either just living together or getting married in their church WITHOUT a government license.

Our fighting for “Gay Marriage” is doing harm, in my opinion, in two huge ways.

(1) We are fighting FOR the government to get MORE involved in our bedroom and our personal relationships.  We should be fighting for LESS government invasion of our bedrooms and our personal relationships.

It’s kind of like…  Equality seeking slaves, thrown in a prison cell…  Seeing others shackled to a wall…  They begin fighting for the right to be shackled to the wall too!  We want equality!  We want shackles just like THOSE people have!

Is that REALLY what we want?   I think we have gotten all emotional and not thought it through.  Shackling ALL of us to the government’s wall is NOT the way I prefer to achieve my equality, thank you very much.

And…   Even more importantly…

(2)  The incorrect phrasing of the entire issue is MISLEADING EVERYONE!

We ALREADY HAVE “Gay Marriage”.

What some are fighting for is NOT “Gay Marriage”….   In reality, to use CORRECT TERMINOLOGY…

They are fighting for:

More Government LICENSING of Personal Relationships

If you call it that….   It suddenly doesn’t sound so cool.   Not so attractive.

The Problem:  By calling it “Gay Marriage”, we are IMPLYING that we cannot get married now.  And people are believing that!

Gays CAN get married now!   We get married every day, in every state.

We Don’t Need, and We Don’t Want, and We’re not Asking for…..  the Government’s PERMISSION.


Gay Marriage IS LEGAL IN ALL 50 SATES.

It’s just not GOVERNMENT-LICENSED in every state.

And marriage should NOT be government-licensed in any state.  Not for gays.  Not for straights.  Not for ANYONE.

  1. We’re fighting for “the right” to be shackled to the same wall as all the other slaves….  “for the sake of equality”.
  2. We are misleading people into believing that gay marriage is somehow ILLEGAL.  Yet, it is not!

(It’s just not licensed. A good thing!)

I say, “Ban Straight Marriage!”

Or, to be more clear, “Ban Government Licensing of All Marriage!”

It’s a personal matter.   It’s not a government issue.

By the way, I’m not the first one to think of this.

In fact, a simple google search yields 270,000+ results.

In fact, we already have our own t-shrit for the cause…    Yeay!!! 🙂

Uh.  Err.  No wait.   That’s not a t-shirt.  It’s a dog bowl.

Here’s the t-shirt.

I like the design of the dogie bowl better.

But I’m not wearing the dogie bowl out of the house.

No way.

Here we go…  this one is much better…   This is the one I’ll buy and wear.

Look for me.


3 thoughts on “Proposed Ban on Straight Marriage

  1. Joie

    There is a line somewhere that includes: “Why not let gays get married so they can be as miserable as half the population.”

    While funny, that is about as wise as the standard that now exists. Traditional marriage is so easy to get into and costly to get out of. . . .if only today’s couples had to work so diligently to become an official marriage. We might have more of some old-fashioned concepts named commitment, loyalty and perserverance.

  2. Rosie

    Thanks for giving me more “fightin’ words” that I can use when I hit a wall about this with my own S.O. The lesbian couple down the street have a little girl and are pregnant again. They are awesome parents but cannot “legally” get married in Ohio. Ridiculous, when so many other incompetent people are having kids.
    I wholeheartedly agree that the government should stay out of the abortion issue, our relationships, marriages, and personal lives. Thanks, Bruce!


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