Fear Destroys the Constitution, Turns America into a Police State


The End Game of the Illuminati — Our Choice: Fear or Love?

Illuminati, One World Government, New World Order, North American Union, Council on Foreign Relations, Bohemian Grove, 9-11, Afghanistan, Iraq, and YOU!

Yes, I know…

You very well might immediately say that the millions of us who are coming to similar conclusions are ALL… wacko, insane, paranoid, conspiracy theorists… or any other derogatory names you choose to call us… insulting our intelligence.

And that’s ok.

I understand.

I used to think that too.

All I ask, is that you watch some of these documentaries as if they were Hollywood movies — pure fiction. You have no problem watching Bourne Ultimatum… Or Oceans 13… So watch these films purely for their entertainment value… as if they are pure fiction.

But watch them.

If they ever seem cheesy, don’t turn them off… Just keep watching. Pay attention to the details. Take note of the information that is being presented.

This is NOT a joke.


Because ALL of the mainstream American media — both television and newspaper conglomerates — are owned by a very few men — media moguls… And, reporters will freely tell you… Which stories “make it to air” is determined by “men from Corporate” who are “not even journalists”…

You’re not going to hear about these facts on the corporate-controlled media in America.

These people desperately want the USA to become what Hitler’s Nazi Germany tried to become…

And they are succeeding.

Should the German people NOT have defended against Hitler taking over…?

They didn’t… Well, not enough. Obviously.

You support the troops?

Do you Really…?

I understand where you’re coming from.

We support the troops 1000%.

It’s the REAL world leaders (the richest men in the world, the international bankers, the few owners of the private corporation that regulates the value of all of YOUR money — called “Federal Reserve”, the heads of global corporations) who are pulling all the strings.

They are using our young men and women in the US Military — once again — as pawns in their greedy money and global domination games….

That is what we’re against.

They would have our young men and women DIE…. for their own greed. And they are! Once again…

Not even to mention the hundreds of thousands of totally innocent families killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. For What?

Their greed — more money and more power — their global domination plans.

Have you watched Zeitgeist — the Movie, yet?


Educate yourself. Fast. Before it’s too late.

Go to Google and enter: 911

Go to Minionva and enter: 911

Go to YouTube and enter: 911

Watch Zeitgeist — the Movie at: http://zeitgeistmovie.com

And… Go to each of these sites and Search on any / all of these terms:

The BBC Key Documentaries — which were not permitted to air on any USA corporate-controlled television networks, Iraq, Afghanistan, US Forces’ illegal use of depleted uranium weapons causing extreme deformities in Iraqi and American babies, Alex Jones, Illuminati, One World Government, OWG, New World Order, NWO, North American Union, NAU, Council on Foreign Relations, CFR, Bohemian Grove, 911, Skull and Bones, Federal Reserve, Loose Change, 911 Truth, 911 Mysteries, Zeitgeist, Amero, Prescott Bush Nazi, Reichtag 911, 1984 by George Orwell, The Order of Death, REAL ID – National ID Card, Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, Cracking the Code – the Fascinating Truth about Taxation in America, Enemy of the State — way too real, etc…

(Click on each picture to enlarge it.)

( The creators of the above pictures have asked that you take them, and use them, and distribute them to everyone you know — for non-profit educational purposes. )


Start here: http://zeitgeistmovie.com


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Bruce Wagner


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