Send Voicemail — without bothering the person by ringing his phone

There are features within certain cellphone companies’ voicemail systems, where you can Send a Voicemail to another subscriber…
…which is an Excellent, very useful feature.

The Drawback: This only works if the other person…

(1) Also has Verizon (or AT&T, or whatever — the same provider as you!),


(2) he also has service in the SAME LOCAL METRO AREA… (on the same physical voicemail computer)


I wish there was a universal standard system for leaving a voicemail for someone WITHOUT RINGING THEIR PHONE…


…like maybe dialing *22, as a prefix to their number or something.

Even better…

Ideally, every telephone should have — on the Dial Pad screen itself — after you dial the number, you then see TWO buttons:

  • one labelled “Call“, and
  • the other one labelled, “Send Voicemail” (without calling)

Skype has this feature.

This way I could actually return calls…. at 4:00am… without bothering anyone! Imagine!

Come on, Telephone Network Engineers, think of something….. ok?

Ideas? Do share…. in the comments here.

UPDATE (April 1, 2008):   See…

As soon as you hear Ringing Start, press 1 to go directly to Voicemail without actually Ringing his Phone!


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Bruce Wagner


6 thoughts on “Send Voicemail — without bothering the person by ringing his phone

  1. pete

    GotVoice allows you to slip voicemails silently into US cell phones without ringing the phone.

    You can do it on a limited monthly basis with the free GotVoice Lite, or 200 times a month with the GotVoice Premium service (which also has a 2 week free trial).

  2. steve

    hi bruce,
    check out the sendabuz service. just call 888-5-SENDABUZ (888-573-6322), record your message, enter a destination cell number, and your message will appear in the person’s voicemail without their phone ringing. it works with all US carriers. no registration is required. hope this helps.

  3. Bruce Post author

    See my UPDATE of April 1, 2008 above… at the bottom of the article….

    As soon as you hear Ringing Start, press 1 to go directly to Voicemail without actually Ringing his Phone!

  4. behappy75


    OMG! I am so glad I am not the only one looking for this type of thing. I actually googled it and found your blog and I also found a new service called slydial. So I wanted to leave a reply and let you know about it.

    For me it wasn’t that I didn’t want to bother someone it was that I really didn’t want to talk to a friend but I needed to leave him a voicemail. Kind of an akward situation. Anyway so when I found slydial in my google search I was so excited! I tried it. Dialed 267-slydial or 267-759-3425. And then I entered his cell phone number. Had to listen to a short ad but then was connected to his voicemail. Awesome!!!!!!

    The best part is that the service is actually free! I guess that is why you have to listen to the ad. No biggie!

    Just wanted to share!


  5. AC

    Slydial seems to be the read deal, what I want to know is if they say something like “this voice message brought to you by SLYDIAL!” on the persons phone. lol i guess not… i’ll give it a go i guess…


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