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On the official uTorrent site, there are attached forums… for which the premise is supposed to be… support of the uTorrent user community.

However, as it turns out, the good folks over at BitTorrent, Inc. (, who recently BOUGHT uTorrent (… apparently are not paying attention…

Because the official uTorrent Support Forums are being run by a few kids who are on some sort of a power trip – real “legends in their own minds”. They “lock” and “trash” every topic posted by new users for a multitude of stupid reasons — reasons such as:

(1) if that question has EVER been asked before
(2) if that question has EVER been answered before
(3) if that question is just not “smart” enough
(4) if the person asking the question is “obviously new to bittorrent”

etc., etc., etc…

They make it very clear that they are NOT there to assist new users in any way… But that they are they only there to assist themselves… in their own little fiefdom… and to learn – themselves – by being exposed to real experts.

New users are NOT permitted to ask questions there… And, further…

OTHER users are not even permitted to Answer the questions of new users…

In fact, I myself, was BANNED from that forum simply for helping a new user… by answering his questions… Can you believe that!?

I don’t know how large of a company BitTorrent, Inc. is… But it amazes me that a company like that is letting a couple of mean-spirited young kids on a power trip ruin their entire official “User Support Forums”, and ruin the user experience of their own product…

SO…. until BitTorrent, Inc. wakes up to what’s going on over there… on there own web site…

I’ll be providing uTorrent Support Forums… right here…


(1) HELPING NEW USERS is our first priority! ~and~

(2) There’s no such thing as a stupid question!

Please come, ask your questions, and answer a few too… at:

Leave your support questions (and answers) in the COMMENTS section below…

UPDATE: Now that I have scrapped Windows and Mac, and instead only use Ubuntu… BitTorrent is built-in to the operating system. This is so so slick. No need to install a program like uTorrent any more — because Ubuntu comes with BitTorrent clients, Transmission and Deluge, built-in. (see Windows vs. Ubuntu’s Best Applications)


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50 thoughts on “BitTorrent / uTorrent Support Forums

  1. Steve

    I stumbled across your posts at the utorrent forums and had to comment. It’s unfortunate that the “admins” or “mods” went on a power trip. I seems as if this is the case for most message boards I have posted at though. If a question has been answered, it is not hard to kindly tell a person that there is an answer and supplying a link. The people who run most forums feel they are more experienced and they believe to have more knowledge than “newbies”, which is rarely correct on their part. In essence, it’s like bullying in grade school. I wouldn’t call myself an expert in this topic, but I have used torrents for a while and I am always willing to help out new users because it aids the forum community in general.

    I also doubt that BitTorrent Inc. even looks over the message board very well.

  2. Bruce Post author

    Yes, I agree. But, it is my belief that forums are for discussion… and ALL questions should be encouraged. It does not matter how many times that question is asked.

    In fact, if a particular question is asked OFTEN… then it should indicate that the user interface, or the general documentation, or the FAQ, or ALL OF THE ABOVE… NEED IMPROVEMENT.

    Ideally, the questions that are asked most often are the ones that should all be answered in the FIRST paragraph of the promotional material or documentation…

    And in any case, they should be answered politely and completely NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES THEY ARE ASKED.

    Anything less, and it has NO BUSINESS calling itself a “support forum”…

    If it’s true, as you say, that BitTorrent Inc. is not paying any attention to their OWN web properties… Well, then, Shame on Them…

    If that is the case, their reputation is being tarnished as a result of their own neglect.

  3. T


    OK, so I admit it. I’m a n00b.

    I’m running BitTorrent, with Windows XP sp2, connecting to Virgin Media/NTL/Telewest via a Netgear WGR614 v6 wireless router to a Webstar cable modem. I wanted to up my Bt dl speeds, so after some Googling, I did a few things:

    – Altered my Windows firewall settings to except TCP ports 6881 – 6889

    – Hacked the max half-open TCP connections and changed it to 50, using LVLLord’s patch:

    – Adjusted my router’s Port Forwarding settings to allow Bt to use the 6881 – 6889 range for my internal IP address

    After doing all the above, I noticed a massive increase in dl speeds – from around 10-20KB/s to well over 100KB/s. Cool.

    However, I’m now finding that I get bumped pretty regularly offline. Especially once a torrent downloads. The two other computers on my network (a Mac and an ancient Sony Vaio) aren’t experiencing any problems at all, so it’s only me who’s getting kicked offline. Rebooting my PC or the router/modem often helps, as does renewing my IP address (although obviously, this means that I have to reconfigure Port Forwarding settings all over again).

    This is a major PITA, since I’d prefer to leave my PC downloading for several days at a time. Anyone got any ideas how to stop me from getting booted while keeping the increased dl speeds?

    Any advice appreciated.

    PS – also posted to the forum. Apologies for duplication!

  4. Karim Traboulsi

    I have been using utorrent for quite some time, and on the message board, Firon and Ultima have always been helpful. I moderated a board in another lifetime, and it was a task to reply to 50 new threads and keep track. You answer one, 5 more start. If you get the same questions asked repeatedly, you just don’t have the time to give a full answer. You could go ahead and do a rush job, and give a half answer but that wouldn’t be helping, would it? Instead, you direct the user to the search feature, where he/she can find a previous thread with everything he/she needs to know. Be it a general question or a problem.
    I did my best with a few other VOLUNTEERS. It is a free product at the end of the day, with a forum moderated by a few VOLUNTEERS, who do there damn well best to accommodate you. (Caught onto this CAPS thing you do when you want to make your point). We are all human at the end of the day, and do have the right to have A LIFE.

    Therefore, In my view you have no grounds for your argument.

    (I have no affiliation with utorrent, I am just trying to give good advice to users that happen to end up on this page.)

  5. Bruce Post author

    I appreciate very much the efforts of those who try to help people over there. I have no quarrel with them at all! And I do understand that they are volunteers… supporting a “free” product.

    My problem is not with them.

    My problem is with the young kids who have been granted moderator access over there, and who ban people for attempting help to new users — specifically, the kid who goes by “DreadWingKnight”. He’s a moderator who should be banned himself.

  6. Anonymous

    I don’t think it is quite as big of a deal as you’re making it, and your capitals and ellipses clearly indicate a heated mood of composition. However, as a general rule, moderators in over half of all public forums tend to go on power trips. It’s what they do. It is annoying. Still, it does not call for a tirade on the people there that do, in fact, help. I read your forum post there, and while I wholeheartedly disagree with them banning you, I still think your direction of comments was incredibly misplaced and misunderstood. Fortunately (or unfortunately), uTorrent is still run by a “community,” regardless of its owner. (I have not investigated or their forums since I do not plan to support them. So if you also made a comment there, I missed it.)

    There are prices to pay for free software. And, unfortunately, one is lack of professional and sometimes even courteous support. At least, in this case, you didn’t pay for lack of support (as has been done with many other poor companies: SquareEnix, Ahead (Nero), Microsoft). There is something nevertheless irritating about people (not just kids, but perhaps simply the immature) who are incapable of understanding their role as a moderator. I, too, resent when moderators take an overzealous approach to running forums. I understand the need for clean/searchable forums, but in my years of running various services for hundreds of users, I’ve only rarely had the cause and justification for an outright ban. Generally, problems can be dealt with and occasionally even turned full circle to become a future aid.

    Perhaps we could summarize your post with a message to moderators everywhere: bans are not preemptive. They are an absolute last resort. If you chose to have the job of a moderator, then you must deal with the issues that come with that responsibility–regardless of how tired you get of certain ones–rather than trying to actively block future problems and evade your duties. I don’t deny it’s a hard existence, but if you aren’t up to it, perhaps you should try to find people who are. Thank you for your time.

  7. Bruce Post author

    Yes, I absolutely agree! 🙂

    “A message to moderators everywhere: bans are not preemptive. They are an absolute last resort”


    “If you chose to have the job of a moderator, then you must deal with the issues that come with that responsibility–regardless of how tired you get of certain ones–rather than trying to actively block future problems and evade your duties.”

  8. Xavier

    I am having trouble with u- torrent……..everytime I use it….it knocks my cable modem offline…can you help me?….I tried the forums on u-totrrent…but the guys on there….treated me bad for asking questions

  9. Bruce Post author

    Ok… Let’s see what we can do about this little challenge…

    FIRST, if using uTorrent knocks your cablemodem offline… THAT sounds to me like you have the OPTIONS –> SPEED GUIDE –> CONNECTION TYPE set too high….

    If your UPLOAD speed is set too high, it will overwhelm your router (cablemodem) and cause it to crash.

    What do you have the CONNECTION TYPE set at?

  10. XAVIER

    my connetion type is set @ 512kb……..but its been set that way…..I download for a few minutes and zapp im off line………Ive tried bit torrent….bit comet and u torrent same thing happens everytime

  11. XAVIER

    my avg download speed was 558kb/s and my avg upload speed was 525kb after 5 test…..on two of my upload tests….isp compression was found. I hope this helps

  12. Bruce Post author


    First, it is only the UPLOAD speed we are concerned with, for this purpose, so if your average UPLOAD speed was 525kbps… then a “Connection Type” of “xx/512k” should be fine.

    But, just for now, try setting it at one notch lower… For now, try setting it to: “xx/384k”.

    Next, make sure you have “Enable Encryption” set to ON (checkmark in the box on the bottom of the Sped Guide window). JUST IN CASE…. your ISP is limiting your connection speed if/when they detect bittorrent packets going through. Most ISPs don’t, but just in case… Did you have this set on or off?

    Also, under PREFERENCES –> BITTORRENT, make sure “Protocol Encryption” is “Enabled” for outgoing, and ON (checkmark) for “allow incoming legacy connections.

    Next… In between every test, turn OFF the router/cablemodem, Shut Down the computer, turn on the router/cablemodem, and then finally turn on the computer., then start uTorrent. This establishes a fresh new connection with your ISP.

    As a side point, do you have any other internet intensive software running? For example, many programs HOG bandwidth…. Programs like Skype, Joost, They claim that they only use your “unused available excess bandwidth”… But I’ve seen that they hog bandwidth and are apparently not very good at determining whether your bandwidth is “unused” or not…

    Try to do this testing with NOTHING else running… Quit all Instant Messaging programs, iTunes, and everything else that could possibly be using the internet.

    Also, in uTorrent, did you enable uPnP port mapping or port forwarding? Do you get a green circle with a checkmark in it, at the bottom of the uTorrent window?

  13. XAVIER

    OK………..I set my upload speed to 384k…….my enable encrytion was off…iturned it on……….my protocal encrytion is enabled………i dont think I have many other programs hoging bandwith…but ill check on that……I remeber i useta see the green circle with the check…but I dont see it now……port mapping is enabled……..and im going to start testing again

  14. XAVIER

    I finally got the green circle and(saw) check mark at the bottom to my download box…… dowlaoded for awhile……..then knocked my connection out again.

  15. Xavier

    It downloads for awhile ………..and then……..I lose connection with the net from my cable modem…….it stops working…….then I have to unplug my modem for a few minutes…….then plug it back up again and sign on again…..I hope this helps you understand it

  16. Bruce Post author

    Try setting the speed (“Connection Type”) to TWO NOTCHES slower…. Just to see if that fixes it….

    Remember to RESTART the modem & computer beforehand, when you do this test…

    If that does not fix it…. I would call your ISP (your cablemodem provider) and tell them to fix the problem. This should NOT be happening!

  17. DrArkaneX

    Wow, when I read your forum post over there, I was aghast. I really was. When BitTorrent first came out, basically the nerds scrambled to learn it. Now, there are quite a few Torrent Clients out there (BitComet, uTorrent, Azureus (ugh).. just to name a few. Each one of these are free and provide “LIMITED” support, or for a better word “COMMUNITY” support. See, in the Open Source world, we all stick together and help each other out. If you are “n00b” and don’t understand the concept, we can explain it for you “Big Bird” style so your brain can grasp the concept and work from there. BitTorrents are nothing new, they’ve been around quite a while. While you are ‘Demanding’ support and customer service, other “n00bs” like yourself are reading the help files, posing readable and conscienous questions and either waiting for a reply or do like I do, GOOGLE it.

    Just typing in “Bittorrent manual help” gives you more than enough info to scan through. If you can be more specific with your search, you can get tricky like “BitTorrent uTorrent port forward” and there is boo koo info out there that teaches people like my grandmother how to set up a port forward on her router.

    My address and plead to you sir is to stop demanding customer service and support when you have not paid a cent for it. In the “Community”, we all work together and demand nothing from each other. That’s how that works and it will always work. If you want to make your own forum for BitTorrent help, that’s great. You can keep the egocentric chatter there and that cleans up the real forums.



  18. Bruce Post author

    No, you misunderstand.

    I do not DEMAND customer support from the Open Source Community. In fact, there is an enormous amount a free support available in the Open Source Community.

    However, uTorrent is NOT an open source community product. Last I heard, uTorrent was a PRIVATE CORPORATE FOR-PROFIT VENTURE.

    Any product promoted by a private for-profit corporate venture SHOULD offer decent (or at the very least, minimal) customer support.

    In the case of uTorrent, it is sold (for free, for the moment) to the public by a private for-profit corporation. It also appears to not offer any public support options whatsoever.

    And the “Official” Community, consisting of the “official support forum”, is being run by at least one or two children who are on some sort of a power trip, and are somewhere between, shall we say, “not friendly” (at the very least), to “downright hostile” (at worst), to new users.

    New Users are NOT morons. They are simply new users of a product.

    If your company hopes to make a future PROFIT based on your product becoming widely used… if not, the “defacto standard”… Then, you’d better offer some sort of support.

    It does not matter if you’re charging $0.01, or $1000, or $0.00, for that product.

    Your success will be limited…. without any form of support.

    At the moment, users are on their own…. And they are getting support from other, independent, forums and communities… only.

    A prime example of what I’m talking about is the company called, Feedburner.

    Feedburner offered the best product in its class. Totally for free. They also offered world-class, awesome, extremely friendly, effective, and fast… customer support. You could send them an email, or call them on the phone, or post in their support forum — and no matter how you contacted them, you’d get an EXCELLENT helpful knowledgeable PERSONAL reply from a smart staffer, usually WITHIN AN HOUR!

    Feedburner was recently purchased by Google. God only knows how many billions they paid for it.

    THAT is success. Need I say more?

    Once again, Feedburner is a totally free product.

    Published by a totally FOR-PROFIT CORPORTATION.

    And that company has been STAGGERINGLY profitable…. for the founders.

    uTorrent (BitTorrent, Inc.) sure could learn a lesson from the Feedburner people…

  19. NewestUser

    Bruce, I have to agree with you about the “KIDS” at the uTorrent Forum
    I’ve posted a simple question asking why uTorrent tried to send e-mail to a site in Amsterdam
    and they told me it’s because some peer or seed was sending from port 25 and my ZoneAlarm was faulty to say it’s an e-mail going out.

    When I later clarified for them that I remembered all transferring was finished, I even pressed the “stop all Transfers” button, and NO seeds, or peers were sending/receiving anything, and asked how can that happen, they started to bash ME and the ZoneAlarm firewall. .. even though I told them it was 20 to 30 seconds later, uTorrent insisted on connecting to a site in Amsterdam, and ZoneAlarm said it was an e-mail.

    I never insulted them first, but instead of answering my simple question of “how can it say someone is trying to connect when I had it shut-down from transfers?” … they just insisted on continuing to insult me and the firewall I’m using…

    Then they “trashed” the entire thread, after they all had their techno-bully way with me, and also trashed the second thread I created
    to answer the last post from the first, that I wasn’t able to answer because they closed the original thread.

    what babies,… i even commented on how unprofessional they all acted, on the first thread, AFTER they all ganged up on me.

    I didn’t like their “support”, and have since removed their stupid uTorrent program.

    I’m using an oldie but goodie, for my needs anyway … TORRENT STORM.
    yeah, i know, no updates since the original author stopped updating it in 2003, but it serves me well enough.


  20. Bruce Post author

    Thanks, NewestUser, for that PERFECT EXAMPLE…. as to why for-profit companies SHOULD NOT piss off their users by offering little or no support for their product.

    Or, worse yet, let their “official support forum” be run by children who do nothing but scorn new users for being “stupid”…

    uTorrent (BitTorrent, Inc), apparently just lost another user due to this issue…

    The issue I’m talking about…

    Not good.

    (As a side note, I still use uTorrent — IN SPITE OF THEIR TOTAL LACK OF SUPPORT AND IRRESPONSIBLE SUPPORT FORUM — simply because I think it’s the best program…. so far… for now…)

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  22. NewestUser

    Hi Bruce,

    The “KIDS” at the support forum for uTorrent have done it again, and another potential customer was bashed for telling them of constant crashing of uTorrent 1.7.2 , as well as others posting to the same thread.

    After more people started to say the same troubles existed “DreadWingKnight” trashes the entire thread, and banned the author of it from the site.

    It’s beginning to look like they have more “Trashed” posts than helpfull ones. 🙂

    It’s a real shame. It makes me think the main company really doesn’t care what’s going on with their “support” forum, or their program.

    On another note, regarding the main site.

    Why does “SPYBOT – Seach and Destroy” show that the uTorrent main web page is trying to link to a “questionable” or “dangerous” site, without any other notice, and suggests to block it?;c=14;d=14;w=728;h=90

  23. kimopuluo

    Hello !
    Sorry to bother you. I found this forum when looking through google for forums to use. I need
    to install a forum on my website but I cannot find where it is sold.

    Where did you get this one

    Thanks for any assistance

  24. help

    I NEED HELP!!! When I download a file that is not a game, i get like 60kb/s, but when I try to download a Nintendo Wii game for a backup, all i get is like 0.5 kb/s. Please HELP! I tried many wii games with seeders and leechers, and I get the same results

  25. Bruce Post author

    Look at this email I just received…

    This is a perfect example of the CHILDREN that BitTorrent, Inc. has running their official online support forums for the uTorrent product…


    from Firon
    reply-to “” ,
    date Dec 14, 2007 7:21 AM
    subject [Bruce’s Journal] Comment: “Eating Blueberries Slashes Colon Cancer Risk by 57 Percent, Animal Study Finds”

    New comment on your post #271 “Eating Blueberries Slashes Colon Cancer Risk by 57 Percent, Animal Study Finds”
    Author : Firon (IP: ,
    E-mail :
    URL :
    Whois :


    If you wish to avoid colon cancer, refrain from taking it in the ass, faggot.

    You can see all comments on this post here:


    See what I mean….? Children. They’re just children.

    It’s a disgrace to the BitTorrent company.


  26. Alex

    i have read page after page after page. i am not running a router and using windows firewall … but still getting slow torrents and the red ! saying no incoming connections… i have tried everything but everyone talks about firewalls and routers.. i have opened ports in windows firewall and checked open ports… with no luck any suggestions from what seem some friendly help many thanks

  27. Bruce Post author

    To: Alex — When they talk about opening a port, they are NOT talking about only opening a port in your firewall.

    Here’s what I suggest:

    Use a hardware router.

    Do NOT use Windows Firewall (turn it OFF).

    Do not use ANY software firewall. (your hardware router serves this function, and does a much better job of it anyway… and it does not slow down your computer either)

    Do NOT use ZoneAlarm, nor Norton Internet Security, nor any other such “security” add-on software. (If you use a hardware NAT router, it is unnecessary and greatly slows down your computer for no good reason.) The only Norton product you should run is their Anti-Virus piece — and even that is totally unnecessary if you are running Ubuntu which is far superior. (see )

    Then, go in to the controls (usually via browser) of your NAT router (hardware router) and turn ON the feature called “uPNP”.

    Then, go in to uTorrent and turn ON the feature called “uPNP”.

    Also in uTorrent turn ON the “Randomize port upon each launch” feature.

    Let us know here, how that works.

    To: kimopuluo — Try for great free forums you can add to your home page

  28. Christina

    I have not been using torrent for that long, but so far I have enjoyed it until I bought a new computer. I transferred all my old files and programs over from my old computer to my new. The modem and router are the same though. Ever since I have been having problems getting utorrent to work properly. It will download about 5MB, while uploading 0MB, then it will stop downloading and give me an error message saying “the device is not ready.” I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling utorrent. I have tried downloading different versions. And I have tried uninstalling antivirus and firewall software, but have had no success.

  29. Bruce Post author

    uTorrent is just a simple EXE file. There really is no “install” and “uninstall”. If you delete the file, it’s un-installed, basically.

    It sounds like maybe you are using firewall software. I recommend that you do NOT use that. Turn it off, disable it, or uninstall it.

    Use a hardware router instead.

    In uTorrent… Do you eventually get the green circle with a checkmark in it, at the bottom of the screen? Or do you get a yellow triangle, or a red circle…?

  30. Michelle

    Good Evening Bruce,
    Thank you for your attention from all of the hopeless hapless ones like myself who have probably like me been infront of a screen all day trying to forward a port/ set up a static ip address/keep their tempers.
    I am running xp, netgear 834g router, on a vaio laptop (2 years old ) and trying to use utorrent. I have portforwarded on the router and on utorrent and I have tried to set up a static ip address and the internet stops working. this is on the wireless connection so now I am upstairs sat on the floor on the plug in superduper faster connection where all the settings are dynamically assigned.
    I have had utorrent working before, on titchy download speeds, but alas since I started fiddling its all gone doolallytap and as they say alittle knowledge…
    Thanks in advance for reading my request for help.
    Best Regards

  31. Christina

    I do not have any firewall enabled, as I said before that I disabled firewall and antivirus software. When the download first starts I get a yellow triangle, but after a minute or so it turns into a green circle with a check mark in it. After a couple more minutes the file still fails to download and I get get the same error message “the device is not ready.”

  32. Bruce Post author

    @Christina: The Good News is that it sounds like you have uTorrent running just fine. The green circle with the checkmark in it is the Winning sign. That means it is receiving incoming calls as well as outgoing. Excellent.

    The “device is not ready” error sounds like something with your hard drive, or the device you are storing the download to.

    Where do you have it set to save the download to? Your hard drive? Internal or external hard drive? Is the external hard drive powered on? A USB memory stick? Please tell me it’s not to a floppy or a CD/DVD-RW?

    @Michelle: You don’t really need to set up Port Forwarding… And you don’t need static IP addresses set up. If you simply turn ON the feature called uPNP on your router, and turn ON uPNP on uTorrent… It should work automatically.

    Have you seen my little tutorial? It is here:

  33. Christina

    I checked the destination location and there was nothing set where the file should download to. I set a destination and now it works. Thanks.

  34. michael

    I am using utorrent & just recently it developed a problem. I read somewhere:
    However, if you have a problem with your NAT (anything between you and the internet, such as a router or firewall), you will not get credit for what you are uploading. The only downloading that you can do is from people who upload a small amount to you in the hope that you will return the favour. Since their client will not recognise your response if you have a NAT problem, then they will stop uploading to you shortly after. This is what is causing your problem. You may also notice that torrent speeds go very high for 5 minutes, before slowing back down to 0-5kb/s

    This is what I am experiencing – my ratio is close to 1:2, I have a green circle below, I have excepted utorrent on windows firewall, disabled my router firewall, tried fooling with other things to no avail.

    I would be grateful if you have any ideas how to get it working again and also why it should suddenly have started doing this.

    many thanks


  35. NEOTEK

    I have been using btjunkie with uTorrent for over a year, with no problems. Now, when I start a download, the uTorrent screen freezes and doesn’t even get to the stage of showing seeds or peers. I tried reformatting my system drive, I upgraded to new versions but then went back to the original version that was successful before. Still nothing. I even went back to IE6 instead of IE7.
    I use System Mechanic Professional 7 for a firewall, so I made sure that I customized it for uTorrent and opened the required ports. Still nothing. I always have Windows Firewall always shut off so I know it’s not that. I even shut off the System Mechanic Firewall so I had none running at all and still nothing.
    Very, very frustrating!!!

    I’ve run out of ideas of what to do. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!


  36. tom

    i have read through this whole page and tried everything, i am still getting the lettle yello triangle… i have around a 600kbps connection and its downloading at 19kbps, i am getting realy frustrated. Iv turned off fire wall, iv fidled with every option there is nothing seems to work
    please help:(

  37. John Lennon Forever

    Hi from melbourne australia, i just want to say that im pretty new to all this file sharing stuff (believe it or not), anyway the problem is over the last 2 days i’ve had to reformat my harddrive (im using a hp laptop, with windows vista (business) , anyway l am trying to download winrar 3.71 (im not asking for help with the program, l read the thing), anyway l downloaded it (the most popular one with the most seeds), on you torrent (not U torrent) and pirate bay, but the problems i’m having are that before the 1.2 mb program downloads u torrent tells me l have 5 different files, and one of them is the keygen, however its missing when l open up the folder after the download, so what l did was go to files (at the bottom of u torrent), and l see the keygen there, l right click it and it only has the OPEN WITH OPTION, so l opened it up with notepad, 2 days ago, then reformatted my hard drive and last night the same problem (l opened it up with utorrent), and right now all my desktop icons have the utorrent icons on it and l cannot get to the internet, well l can but l got through to the internet with u torrent help (f1), im also getting messages about invalid torrent file/s and l received just a message before about some file/s not being read.
    I would be very, very grateful if l could get some help with this issue, and l sincerely mean that, l should say however l had no problems with u torrent over 2 days ago because l downloaded the latest one, but l don’t know, im pretty average at computers.
    Could you please give me simple, clear instructions, step by step, the reason l ask is that l have a low concentration level, + my computer/internet knowledge is average.(this has nothing to do with my intelligence)

    Please note that l posted this second message aswell on utorrent, they still haven’t answered.

    Okay maybe l didn’t explain properly, l was in a mad rush before, doing a million things at once. Basically im having several problems with UTORRENT>

    I am trying to download a program called winrar 3.71, using Utorrent,
    the situation is just before downloading the 1.2 mb file, u torrent tells me that there are 5 different files/headings, including a KEYGEN FILE, so after downloading winrar, and opening the torrent with Utorrent, the keygen file does not appear, BUT, at the bottom of Utorrent where the FILES tab is, it has the keygen file there, so l right click on keygen file, and it comes up with the OPEN WITH option, so l chose to open it with UTORRENT, and now all my desktop icons have the utorrent icon on it, and l cannot open anything up, l can’t even do a system restore, as well as this when l attempt to open up a program, or torrent files i’ve downloaded, l receive error messages like INVALID TORRENT FILE/S, and on a couple of occasions, l get another error message stating that ERROR-FILES MISSING, shortly after l download a torrent.

    Thats basically it, could someone please give me an answer, hopefully soon, l need to solve this problem a.s.a.p.

    P.S. The first message l sent was on u torrent and lw as in a mad rush, l wasn’t really concentrating, this could be due, to my low concentration, anyway l think the second message is explained properly, also i’m glad l came across your site it seems like a real good site, with nice people.

    Stay well, all the best

  38. ubuntu-nuBe

    I am new to ubuntu and have been trying to get dvd movies from btjunkie using deluge.
    I thought I downloaded a move but when I tried to play it, it said that my codex was not correct.

    What the hell does that mean?

    thanx for the help.

    U . . . nuBe

  39. Jon

    Hello … I have been using utorrent for a while now and have had nothing but success with it, til now. All of a sudden (and I dont think that I have made any kind of system changes to explain the reason) I will try to download a torrent and absolutely nothing happens. Then the program ends up “Not responding” . I have completely removed, reinstalled and setup the program on several different occassions and is still doing the same thing. Im not all that computer/software savy…however, I have checked settings, connections, firewall, router settings, speed tests, etc … and cant figure out what the problem is.
    PLEASE PLEASE Help – I appreciate you at least taking the time to read this even if you cant find the time to respond
    Best Regards –
    Jon (Charleston, SC)

  40. Phoenix

    When ever i pause the download and restart my computer the percentage of download increases after it checks the whole thing without my download will this affect my download?
    Please HELP!!!!!

  41. London

    uhh my utorrent says its downloading, and theres seeds and peers and stuff…but there is no progress being made

  42. george

    Hi.. ive been using utorrent for quite a while, recently i upgraded my dsl speed and have been experiencing quite a few probs.. im using a 512 kbps connection.. can anyone tell me the upload and download speed settings and how i should configure my utorrent..

    Plz email at

  43. Katy

    Hi Bruce:

    I’m new to uTorrent and have the current version. I’ve checked all the settings, i.e. firewall port open, 2-wire router open, etc. I’ve tested and it says that I’m open to download or upload.

    However, I’ve been trying to download a well-seeded torrent for about 1 1/2 day and I’m at 83%. The torrent just sits there? The yellow symbol keeps popping up and tells me that I may have a connection problem?

    Under Trackers it states the DHT and radioarchive are working?

    Is something blocking the incoming connection?

    Your suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

    katy(ontario, canada)

  44. spamatrix


    i need help solving my problem with utorrent
    when i open my utorrent and start downloading the speed
    is high (200kbps ~) but after a minute the download speed is massively reduced to 1kbps and i tried some guides and noone really solved the problem.

    please try to help. and thanks! 🙂
    Have a Good Day all..

  45. simon

    thank you so very much for offering help like this. i hope you can help me.

    i use utorrent, and have this number that i think represents where to find the torrent. (
    943fc91cfe24b3d81ded9d9aba6b574354f6db3) how do i use utorrent to dl this file?

    thanks again for the help


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