Help! My BitTorrent Download is Stuck!

What to do if you need Seeders

If you use the BitTorrent technology to download media… or to upload and distribute media… as we do!

You are very familiar with this situation:

The torrent you are trying to download was originally created 11 months ago. There are 0 (zero) seeders and 7 peers. However, availability in the swarm is only 98.4% (meaning that… if you were to put all the pieces of all the copies of all the members of the swarm together… it would only come to a total of 98.4% of the whole file). And you already have 98.4% of the file downloaded. Therefore, you are downloading at a rate of 0.00kb/s.

And this status remains this way for a week.

The hope of ever getting that remaining 1.6% of the file does not look good.

What can you do?

Currently, it appears that the only recourse you have… is to go back to the index where you first found that torrent file, and try to post a “comment” on that listing… such as, “Please please won’t someone re-seed this torrent. I only need another 1.6% of it.”

With the amazing sophistication of the bittorrent protocol, this seems unbelievably primitive.

Here’s my suggestion for a solution:


Automatic Please Re-Seed Request Message

…built-in to the bittorrent client software. (Or, better yet, implemented into the bittorrent protocol itself!)

A brilliant feature request — if I do say so myself.

Here’s how it would work…

Within the BitTorrent protocol… or at least within the major bittorrent clients… (i.e. uTorrent, Azureus, BitComet, etc.)…


The ability to send a pop-up message… to the person(s) who were seen previously Seeding a torrent… and whom are no longer seeding it…. Saying, “Hey! You were seeding this torrent a while back, and there are peers left without a complete copy. Would you please re-seed it? YES / NO”

And, of course, clicking YES would automatically start it reseeding.

Note: I am NOT talking about an email message…. No, no, no!

I am talking about an internal messaging capability within the bittorrent client only.

A message sent from one copy of uTorrent to another copy of uTorrent. (if the feature is implemented in the client.)


A message from any bittorrent client to any other bittorrent client. (if the feature is added to the protocol itself.)

I can see how such a feature could easily be abused… for purposes of spam, phishing, to trying to identify people, etc.


It could be a built-in, automatic, feature of the client software…. perhaps without any ability to customize the message at all…

Just a canned form-letter message.

In fact, it could be a TOTALLY AUTOMATIC option — based on certain predefined conditions…

For example,

the percentage of the torrent I have downloaded = the percentage of the torrent that is available in the swarm…

for more than x number of days…

Then, send a form-letter message… to all previous seeders… “Help! Please re-seed this torrent.”

No personalized messages at all — to protect everyone’s anonymity.

If you like this suggestion

Please copy and paste this article, and send it to the publisher of your favorite bittorrent client software.

Or just email them the link to this article, and ask them to read it here…


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3 thoughts on “Help! My BitTorrent Download is Stuck!

  1. Steven

    That’s one advantage tto AVI files – 98% of an AVI file will probably still play! Fo people using BitComet downloading “whatever.avi.bc!”, just temporarily stop the download, then copy “whatever.avi.bc!” to “whatever.avi” and give it a try. Also, restart the download, because some seeders are only on-line on weekends and you still might get lucky and get a complete copy in the future.

  2. Bruce Post author

    Yes, that’s great info to know about AVI files.

    What do you think of my suggestion about adding to the BitTorrent protocol a feature / capability for one BitTorrent client to message other BitTorrent clients… only to tell them that Re-Seeding is needed….?

  3. emma

    yes AVI files and Divx files will still play, except they’ll stop during the parts that havnt downloaded. you can see where its going to stop by looking at the bar showing the downloaded ratio of the torrent. the white parts are where it stops.
    if you open the file in divx and attempt to play it, it will stop and not work once it gets to a hole in the download. however, Windows Media Player will just pause at the holes and carry on until it has passed, so you can watch your entire downloaded in (some degree of) peace.

    but its horribly annoying. my George Wallace VHSrip x2 torrent is stuck at 95.8% and id really really like to watch it ><

    curse the seeders who deleted it


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