Oprah’s Leadership Academy ABC TV Special

You can download a copy of Oprah’s television special called, Building a Dream – The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy… which first aired on ABC, on February 26, 2007.

(1) Get the download instructions here:


(2) Get the torrent file here:


Note: In case you want to record it yourself, this program will air AGAIN on the ABC television network, on Saturday, March 3, 2007 at 8:00PM Eastern Time (New York City time). It is one-hour in length.

Email all your friends and tell them to watch it, and record it.


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9 thoughts on “Oprah’s Leadership Academy ABC TV Special

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  4. Annie

    Hi there! I am trying to download this special because I missed it last night since I was watching the Secret! 🙂 The link you have takes me to downloads of the Secret and not to downloads of the special. Could you help me find a torrent for the special? The one i have has downloaded 25% of it, but there are no seeds so it’s stopped…..

  5. Eric

    Bruce, thanks for all the Secret info. I saw both Oprah shows and Larry King. It’s amazing how it’s spreading across the world. And in my opinion couldn’t happen at a better time.

  6. Bruce Post author


    Yes, there is a torrent for Oprah’s special too. It is here:

    There is only one torrent for that special (to my knowledge), and it’s a big file… and there is only ONE seeder… so please be patient. It’s at 32% now.

    And once you have 100% of it… please continue to seed it, so that others will be able to get it too.


    I didn’t see the Larry King show. How was it?

  7. Bruce Post author

    The Secret — with Spanish Subtitles

    It’s now available here: http://edwardgel.com/thesecret

    Después de escribir varias entradas con respecto a la película “El Secreto”, muchos de los lectores están pidiendo la versión española de esta película. Les mande un email a los productores, para conseguir más Información con respecto a un lanzamiento de una versión en español o con subtítulo en español, de la película.

    En el proceso yo he descubierto una versión en español no oficial subtitulado de la película: http://edwardgel.com/thesecret


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