Downloading Oprah and The Secret, plus Eckert Tolle’s A New Earth, and Marianne Williamson


I have been getting a lot of requests for information about how to download a copy of the various Oprah shows about The Secret: Law of Attraction.

Oprah has now done TWO shows about The Secret, in only two weeks!


Of course, she has also done two Oprah After the Show‘s, on The Secret, on the Oxygen network…

UPDATE (May 4, 2008):  Oprah has a special Download Page for Oprah and author Eckhart Tolle teaching an exclusive online webcast class about his best-selling book A New Earth, click here.

UPDATE (Feb 8, 2008): By now, Oprah has now done MANY more shows about The Secret — including a new one yesterday. On that show, she also discussed another of my favorites: A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. This book is available as an audiobook you can download for free, as well as many of his other works. And another of Oprah’s (any my) favorite authors and friends, is Marianne Williamson. Many of Marianne’s works are also available to download free.


To Download The Secret — and the Oprah Shows about The Secret

Follow these simple steps:

(1) Install a BitTorrent client program…

(1a) If you are still using Microsoft Windows or Vista (sorry to hear that–we feel your pain), go to and click on Download. Download and install the tiny uTorrent program. It is the program you’ll need in order to download whatever you want.

(1b) If you are using a Mac (time to get with the program), go to and click on Download. Transmission is a far superior program available only on Ubuntu, Linux, and Mac.

(1c) If you are using Ubuntu Linux (highly recommended–you’re a winner), you don’t have to do anything. BitTorrent is a built-in feature of Ubuntu. Transmission is the BitTorrent client of choice. However, many people really like Deluge. If they aren’t already installed, both can be installed free from Applications–>Add/Remove. (see Windows vs. Ubuntu’s Best Applications)

(2) Download the tiny “torrent” file for the film, tv show, or audiobook you’d like. Go to this page for a list of the places I have found The Secret posted:

(3) Here is a link that will take you to a list of every The Secret: Law of Attraction related download currently on the internet, sorted by highest number of people sharing it in the world right now:


This is the link for Eckert Tolle’s A New Earth, and all of his other books and audiobooks:

This is the link for Oprah Winfrey discussing The Secret, etc.:


This is the link for Marianne Williamson’s A Return to Love, and all of her other books and audiobooks:
(4) You can also use the Search feature on, and enter the words: “The Secret” Or enter: “The Secret Law of Attraction”

(5) Finally, you might want to read the guide I wrote about How to Download Anything for Free, here:

To download the audiobook of A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, click these links: This book is available as an audiobook you can download for free, as well as many of his other works.

To download Marianne Williamson, click these links: Many of Marianne’s works are also available to download free.

While You’re At It

Be sure to check out these two awesome pages:

The Top 100 Page of movies, videos, audiobooks, music, etc. on the entire internet to Download Free, and…

The Most Popular Movies on the entire internet you can Watch Online Now from Google Video


Remember, if you download an ISO file you will need to use a free program like IMGBurn to burn a CD or DVD from it.  But you will end up with an exact copy — including the full menus, extra bonus features, etc — of the original…  not just the movie.

If you download an AVI file, be sure to check whether it is in English, or in Spanish — whichever you prefer. Also, you might need to get the “Divx” plug-in in order to watch it.  You can download it free at

If you download an audiobook it will probably be in MP3 format, for convenient listening on your computer… Or on your iPod.

If you download a ZIP file, it’s easy to un-zip it once the download is complete. In Windows, just right-click on the ZIP file and click “Extract All…”

If you have any problems, or questions, following these instructions, please email me to let me know.


The film was Directed by Drew Heriot and Produced by Rhonda Byrne (Executive Producer), and Paul Harrington (Producer).

The Secret teachers interviewed in the film, and then later featured on prominent american TV shows, are: John Assaraf, Rev. Michael Beckwith, John Demartini, Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, James Arthur Ray, Joe Vitale, and Lisa Nichols. Others interviewed in the film include: Lee Brower, Marie Diamond, Mike Dooley, Bob Doyle, Hale Dwoskin, Cathy Goodman, Morris E. Goodman, John Gray, John Hagelin, Bill Harris, Esther Hicks, Ben Johnson, Loral Langemeier, David Schirmer, Marci Shimoff, Denis Waitley, Neale Donald Walsch, and Fred Alan Wolf.

UPDATE:(Feb 8, 2008): Now that I have scrapped Windows and Mac, and instead only use Ubuntu… BitTorrent is built-in to the operating system. This is so so slick. No need to install a program like uTorrent any more — because Ubuntu comes with BitTorrent clients, Transmission and Deluge, built-in. (see Windows vs. Ubuntu’s Best Applications)

For The Secret en Espanol (Spanish): click here


What’s so dangerous about the Cult of  Scientology?  And why You should Care.  Click here to find out.


Free yourself from the closed proprietary ‘Big Brother’ corporate greed of Microsoft, Apple, etc. Choose  Open Source Free Software.

Are you using Ubuntu Linux on your home computer yet?  Do you use Google?  Did you know that the Google search engine you use every day operates 100% on Linux?  There’s no Windows or Mac running the Google company or any of its services.  Check out  Windows vs Ubuntu’s Best Applications and and and and  Google: Open Source Free Software


Also, be sure to check out…

Watch our shows…

And don’t forget to…

Bruce Wagner


13 thoughts on “Downloading Oprah and The Secret, plus Eckert Tolle’s A New Earth, and Marianne Williamson

  1. Bruce Wagner Post author

    The Secret — with Spanish Subtitles

    It’s now available here:

    Después de escribir varias entradas con respecto a la película “El Secreto”, muchos de los lectores están pidiendo la versión española de esta película. Les mande un email a los productores, para conseguir más Información con respecto a un lanzamiento de una versión en español o con subtítulo en español, de la película.

    En el proceso yo he descubierto una versión en español no oficial subtitulado de la película:

  2. Anthony

    I saw ‘The Secret’ and really believe in Law of Attraction. I believe that it works best. Even unconciously we use it most of the times, but a little knowledge about the same can make us achieve anything we wish abt.
    Just a few days back I got to read an Interview with Bob Proctor.

  3. Bruce

    I did the download but i can’t play it… i have downloaded other things and they play fine in the past so i must be doing something wrong with this particular file… I have VLC player but what i would like to do is load a new earth onto my ipod
    any suggestions

  4. Bruce Wagner Post author

    UPDATE: Well, as you all probably are very aware by now, Oprah has been doing an entire series of online classes, in the form of LIVE webcasts, with Eckhart Tolle. You can get all the details at, of course.

    Also, you can download all the previous ones you’ve missed, here.

    — Bruce

    To: The Other Bruce (above) Try to go to or and do a search for “The Secret audiobook”. You’ll find that it is available as MP3 files (audio) which you can import into iTunes and listen to on your iPod. 🙂

  5. Jenny Ryan

    Thanks so much for these links! I wonder if you could hep me with something else related to Marianne Williamson.

    I’ve been listening to her radio show on A Course In Miracles on XM Radio, and recording them each day to my XM player.

    But I got behind on my listening, and apparently my player got full, and it started deleting old shows that I hadn’t listened to yet.

    Do you have any idea where I might be able to get copies of those old shows? has archives of her reading each days’ lessons, but not the entire show.

    Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  6. Bruce Post author

    I highly recommend:

    (1) go to and do a Search for Marianne

    (2) if you don’t find what you’re looking for there, the. Google Search the words: marianne williamson torrent download

    …and check through each of those results.
    Maybe someone somewhere has also been recording them and uploaded them. If they’re not there now, check again later.

    (3) Contact Marianne at and ask if previous slows are available for purchase.

  7. Bots

    I have installed the Move Movie Player for the New Earth Video or Audio download. Unfortunately, every time i click the link download I only get another tab or window opened and it is being played there. I want to be able to download it on my PC but it cant.

    The audio download opens only on a new window and plays while the video takes forever but nothing shows. However the Move Movie Player says it was installed.

    Ive been at it for 2 days now. Does anyone know why this is the result?

  8. Bots

    Hello Bruce,

    Thank you for the reply. That was nice of you to do so.

    Sorry if I miscommunicated. What I meant was, when i went to and tried to download from their site. it would suggest to install Move application multimedia (to view it after the download) but.. when I try to click the “link” to the download intead of the usual where you are asked to save the file, what it does is it opens another window/tab and tried to load. Which never loads or never downloads either.

    the link > This book is available as an audiobook you can download for free

    give a responce >> The torrent you requested (id 668729) does not exist in our database.

  9. Bruce Post author

    I suggest you go to and just do a SEARCH (on the line at the very top) for: Oprah

    or: Tolle

    Then, click on the SEEDS column to sort the results by the most number of people ‘seeding’ them….

    For example, for Oprah, the page looks like this:

    (Of course, you must have the free program installed and running first…)

    Let me know if you have questions…



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