MAILTO: can Include the Body of the Email Too!

I just discovered something cool…

…a MAILTO: link can include the SUBJECT AND the BODY of the message too…!

Just add…. something like this to the end…..



I don’t get it…there’s a string with embedded words in it, yet what is it supposed to be doing????


Let me demonstrate what I am talking about…

Click here to send me an email

Click here to send me an email with a Subject

Click here to send me an email with a Subject AND a Message Body too

Notice the code behind each of these links… and then notice what they do to the email MESSAGE they begin to compose…

The first one does the simple link:

The second one adds a subject like this: email message from my blog item

The third one adds an actual MESSAGE to the email BODY… with one big long string

like this: email message with a pre-set BODY of the email message included too&body=The%20Bruce%20Wagner%20Show%20has%20calculated%20that%20Bruce%20is%2050%20percent%20gay!%20Find%20out%20just%20how%20gay%20you%20are%20with%20The%20Bruce%20Wagner%20Show%20Gay-O-Meter%20”>Click here to send me an email with a Subject AND a Message Body too</a>

(Yes, I know that ran off the page… That was intentional… So you can see how it must be one long string in order to work…)



Here is a couple of Examples of How YOU Could Use this…

on Your Web Site, or Blog, or MySpace page, or Wherever…

You can add a link similar to this one… to your web pages…

Click here to Tell a Friend about The Bruce Wagner Show

Now… Tell me that ain’t cool…

But there are thousands of possible uses for this. It can be ANY email message, to anyone, about anything…

Click here if you are Not Seeing Red Dots all over your Screen

But you can use this type of link for ANYTHING… It doesn’t have to be one of these two purposes…

Now, let your imagination run wild…



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