Subscribe to any RSS Feed via Email

Your Favorite Website offers No “Subscribe by Email” Feature

If your favorite web site, or blog, or other content, does not offer subscriptions via email… (or their email updates do not come frequently enough for you… ) But it does offer an RSS Feed…

The solution is simple.

There are many free RSS-to-Email services…

On one simple screen, you enter the address of the RSS Feed (URL)… and enter your email address.

That’s it! You’re done.

Now, every update coming in on the RSS Feed… will automatically be sent to your email In-box… Spam-free…

Some of the available free RSS-to-Email services include:

Subscribe to the same Feed using ALL of them… So that you can try them all out and see which format looks best to you… and…

…see which one consistently arrives first. ; )

It’s super easy to subscribe, and to un-subscribe again… as many times as you want.

A Great Example

This blog is hosted by WordPress (which is an excellent free host, by the way, thank you WordPress!).  I often visit their Support Forums to post technical questions and lurk around for answers to how things work…

Well, their Forum does NOT offer any way to be notified, BY EMAIL, of new answers posted…  to a question I have posted…

They DO, however,  offer a link on each post called, “RSS feed for this topic“.

Now, you know where I’m going with this…?

It’s so super-easy for me to create my OWN “Subscribe to the Topic via Email” set-up…

I simply go to  or  and enter the RSS Feed for that topic… and my email address…  And I’m done!

Now, I will be notified – BY EMAIL – every time someone posts a reply to that particular question I posted…   And I don’t have to keep going back there and checking for new responses any more…




Subscribe to any RSS Feed on your Cellphone

See my article called… Subscribe to Any RSS Feed via Cellphone

And check out this service too…

The Reverse is Also Easy: Email-to-RSS Feed

“Why would you want to do that?”, you ask.

There are some practical applications for it. Let your imagination come up with more…

For example, post an RSS Feed on your web page, using a SpringWidget… Then give out an email address that people can send messages to be added to that feed… In effect, posting a “Shout Out” message… on your web page…

If you think about it, you can come up with some even cooler applications for it…

The Email-to-RSS gateway service I am referring to is called, Check it out.


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