Miami Beach Resort Fees CAN be Disputed!

I just posted this on the forum — where users share information about how much Priceline hotel rooms and rental cars are currently going for…


About a so-called “Mandatory Resort Fee” when I never even selected that I wanted a “Resort” – only a 4star Hotel…

We have stayed at several Priceline Miami Beach “Resorts”, and have SUCCESSFULLY had the hotel’s General Manager REMOVE the so-called “mandatory resort fees” EVERY TIME!

It is a major hassle… to point out their flawed scam… And cause a slight “scene” at the front desk… until they get the General Manager to show up… But we have had 100% success in getting them to remove it from our bill.

The most recent was yesterday, at the “Miami Beach Resort & Spa”. This hotel participates in the notorious “Miami Beach Resort Fee Rip-off Scam”. They add an additional amount, PER NIGHT, to your room bill without your permission. If asked about it, they say, “It is a mandatory additional charge.” If pressed, they will admit that it is not a tax or government fee – it is simply “a policy” to charge you more. They will also present you with a BOGUS “Priceline Agreement Page” and tell you that you agreed to this extra charge on Priceline’s agreement. However, this so-called Priceline Agreement Page details the full name and address of the hotel – which Priceline (OBVIOUSLY) does not give you until AFTER you paid.

OBVIOUSLY THIS IS A CONSUMER FRAUD SCAM WHICH PRICELINE IS TOTALLY AIDING AND ABEDDING – in the sense that Priceline (1) Is hiding the “mandatory extra charges” language deep within the fine print to mislead and defraud the public, (2) They are allowing the charging of this “Resort Fee” even when YOU DID NOT SELECT A “RESORT” – only a 4-star hotel, (3) Priceline refuses to do anything, on your behalf, about the scam charges.

The only hope in getting the charges removed, unfortunately is: Demanding to talk to the General Manager of the hotel UPON CHECK-IN…. And explaining to him that this is not a charge you ever agreed to. He will show you the BOGUS Agreement you supposedly agreed to… And you will point out to him that it is fake. Priceline does not GIVE you the name of the hotel until AFTER you have paid – so how could the hotel’s name be printed on the page?

Before long, they will likely get a new, improved, version of the bogus Agreement… to tell you this is what you “signed”… one without the name of their hotel printed right in the middle of the page… proving it is false…

In the meantime, keep demanding the General Manager, and DEMAND that this consumer fraud be stopped.

I believe I read in the newspaper that there is a class-action suit being prepared against these “resorts” and Priceline.

This so-called Resort also has no working whirlpool.


After having said all that… We still recommend using Priceline for Hotels. We routinely get hotels for 20-45% of the best rates we can get for the same room any other way. We also recommend Priceline for rental cars. We have been able to get nice rental cars for $13-20 per day. We would not recommend Priceline for airline travel because if you cannot select the times of the flights, you can really get your plans ruined. Besides, you can get excellent fares using and


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1 thought on “Miami Beach Resort Fees CAN be Disputed!

  1. Richard

    Priceline is acting illegally; making a contract between the hotel and bidder without providing both parties with the specifics of the deal prior to acceptance . PL warning of a resort fee ahead of time isn’t enough. The amount must be disclosed before acceptance for the contract to be binding. PL can you hear the class action lawyers knocking?

    PL has a simple fix.
    If a bid is accepted by a resort fee hotel, disclose the amount of the fee and let the bidder accept or reject the deal.

    Until then, demand no resort fees on PL deals. If the hotel refuses, file a dispute with your credit card. First the cc company will offer to pay the resort out of there own pocket. You can refuse that offer and they will have to charge back PL and give you credit.


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