Is My Optical Mouse Always On?

This may seem like a very odd question…

Much like: “Does the refrigerator light really go off when I close the door?”

But… Does my optical mouse stay on 24/7?

I mean… I can be away from home all day… and 10 hours later, I just barely touch the mouse — without clicking it — and the screensaver vanishes…

That tells me that that little red laser light is staying on ALL THE TIME… No?

If so… No wonder I have to replace the batteries in my wireless mouse every month!

Add this to the list of: Things Bruce Must Know Before He Dies

Someone must know the answer to this question……?

POST NOTE: January 13, 2007: I think I finally figured it out… After being away for a long time, I just picked the mouse up… and looked at the bottom of it… Instead of the constant-on, or constant-pulsating, light that is normally there… The light was off… And then it pulsed. One quick flash every few seconds…

Apparently, it goes into a sort-of hybernate – battery-save – mode… when not in use for a while… And then only checks for movement every 1-3 seconds… instead of continuosly…

Theose engineers really are amazing…

Problem Solved.


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